Technology Predictions for 2014

Technology Predictions for 2014 are here and it’s a predictable theme – new ways to offer the most popular tech. We put a lot of value in technology and media, so we don’t feel important unless we’re doing something with it…and quickly. Here are some predictions for tech trends in 2014.
Health and wellness interactive devices will run rampant beyond New Year’s resolutions with not much uniformity. Consumers can make much more information decisions thanks to technology as well. For every technology-based exercise regimen (e.g. XSPINZumba Fitness, XBox Fitness, Wii Fit U, etc.) people can research and learn about say genetically altered foods used to reduce chemical spraying costs in agriculture. Ultimately, people are going to consume what they want, but tech offerings will keep us fit in several different ways.
Nanotechnology will expand into the big time thanks in part to wearable technology. Medical devices, watches, glasses and any other thing that is already an integral part of people’s lives…say a welcome mat that has a detection chip instead of a key underneath or embedded RFID chips inside a credit/debit card to ensure security.

Cloud based services will solidify thanks to the big three Apple (iCloud), Google (Goodle docs), and Microsoft (Office 365) where users will get used to “on-demand” media. PlayStation Now will push more game media “up in the cloud” while cutting more business away from brick and mortar stores who sell the physical game discs. Dropbox permeates among Apple users and will for continue saturating tech through many other users as well. Overall, consumers will have fewer worries about losing files or media while enjoying access from several different devices.

Faster video download times and performance with less buffering has been a wishlist for a while, but will benefit mobile users the most in 2014 thanks to 4G small cells, which are like cellular stations but located closer to the ground. These tiny wonders will greatly reduce dependency on Wi-Fi on the go. More tablets will expand in academic and restaurant areas while 3-D printing technology will continue growing beyond engineering groups as more users will get access to tech that transforms idea into reality at the push of the print button.

Interactive tech in real environments will increase as consumers will assess shops, restaurants, and various businesses (e.g. Google Business Photos) while getting new experiences and real time tours so they can take a virtual tour any time. Home tech will explode with Samsung’s recent goal to own the appliance market with “smart” tech. Look out Whirlpool.

Cable companies will see large expansion with expanded channels (including many international) and On Demand movies offerings on tablets and smartphones. Large size and 3D televisions seemed to have reduced into a niche market, but the new 4K televisions (roughly four times the resolution of HD) are getting much more affordable, so the majority of consumers have them within reach.
Remediation in technology may not be true innovation, but it gives consumers a sense of accomplishment, purpose, and access to “real-time” experiences. People feel inadequate when they’re not “up-to-date” on hardware or knowledge. Which predictions do you think will come true…or have they already in your area?

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