The jimmyCASE iPhone 5S Case/Wallet Combo

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Tired of using an iPhone case that looks like every other iPhone case? Check out the jimmyCASE. Looking for an iPhone case that can double as a minimalist wallet without trying too hard? Check out the jimmyCASE. Handmade in Los Angeles, the $39 case is also available for the iPhone 5C, iPhone 4S and Samsung GALAXY S4.19 Gear Diary JimmyCase Feb 13 2014 11 36 AM 26

We’ve reviewed a number of iPhone cases that double as a minimalist wallet. Most of them looked like they were trying too hard. Some were cases with card slots cut into the back. They looked cheap. Others held the phone on one side and the cards on the other. They work but are often a bit on the bulky side. The jimmyCASE for iPhone 5S takes a different approach and, in the process, offers a case that is surprisingly unique. Best of all, it works well when used just as a case and is quite effective when used to not only protect your phone but also carry a few cards and a bit of cash.

Here’s a look at it on video.

The case is made by combining three different materials to create something that is both protective and functional.
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A silicone bumper wraps around top, bottom and sides of the phone. A genuine mahogany plate protects the rear portion of the phone. And an elastic pocket stretches to accommodate up to four different credit cards, some cash and other small, flat items.

IPhone 5 5S  jimmyCASE

Five different color combinations let you further customize your iPhone protection.

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Speaking of protection, the silicone number does a nice job of keeping your phone safe. Three cutouts along the bottom let you fully access the bottom ports while keeping the bottom and corners protected.

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Have you ever seen a case/wallet that is this thin and light?

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The number covers the sleep/awake/power button while still allowing it to function unencumbered.

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The small cutout for the camera, flash and microphone means you get full functionality and good protection.

The elastic on the back looks good but, more importantly, securely holds one, two, three or even four different cards. That’s enough plastic for most days or nights out and, thanks to the thin minimal design, the case won’t advertise what you are carrying.

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I’ve been quite happy using my FlipSide wallet and Element Case Sector 5 for iPhone 5S but if I were in the market for an iPhone case that doubles as a wallet this would be the one! It offers good protection, has an unusual look and… It really works. Put this on your phone and you won’t need to carry anything else. Check out the various colors here. And if you use an iPhone 5C, iPhone 4/4S or Samsung GALAXY 4S you are in luck. There are jimmyCASEs available for each of them too! Learn more and order yours here.

MSRP: $39

What I Like: Handmade in LA; Available in a variety of color combos; Works as a stand-alone iPhone case or as a functional case/wallet

What Needs Improvement: Not as refined as other cases currently available

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

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