IMO Discontinuing Support for All Third Party Networks

In an email sent to users,  multi-platform instant messaging application maker imo announced they will discontinue support for third-party networks and instead focus  attention on their own communication platform. imo has applications which operate on iPhone , iPad. Android and the web. Prior to this change, they would allow users to connect to multiple messaging services. Popular messaging services such as Skype, Facebook, Google, Yahoo, etc could previously be combined into one user interface on the imo application.  This eliminated the need for users with numerous instant messaging accounts to run several different messaging applications at one time.

Over time, imo introduced their own communication network which apparently is their focus moving forward.

RIP old school instant messaging.


Discontinuing support for all third-party messaging networks

We originally launched imo as a browser based messaging service to manage all of your IM accounts. Since then we have also developed apps for Android, iPhone, iPad and Amazon.

To provide the best and most reliable service for our users, we need to focus on the areas we feel we can make the biggest impact. We are now going to concentrate on building out our own communications platform to help people easily connect in their everyday lives. Our goal is to create the fastest and most reliable messaging, voice and video call service in the world.

On March 3, 2014, we will start discontinuing support for all third-party instant messaging networks. We know change isn’t always easy, but we hope our users will trust that this will make imo an even better service.

You will be able to download your chat history on from third-party networks until March 7, 2014.

To download your history:


Click the gear in the top right

Select Preferences

Select the Export chat history option

Thank you to all of our loyal users.


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