BW3 and Buzztime Will Go BEOND with In-Restaurant Tablet Computers

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Buffalo Wild Wings® (BW3) and NTN Buzztime are teaming up to give customers a deeper dining experience with seven-inch BEOND computer tablets. Guests of all ages will get the BW3 Buzztime BEOND tablet at their table by the end of 2015. This “all-in-one” interactive offering will eventually be coming to all North American BW3 restaurant locations and approximately 500 locations by the end of this year.

The Guest Experience Wingman feature will let guests play Buzztime games, order their food, request music, play trivia with other guests/locations/tables, summon their server, choose television programs, and pay for the bill using the BW3 Buzztime BEOND tablets. Guests can also ask how to use their tablet if they are technologically challenged. Guests can also set up some live entertainment events in the restaurant like a Blazin’® wing challenge with their fellow patrons.

The BEOND tablets will replace BW3s’ existing Buzztime Playmaker trivia consoles. The Samsung Galaxy touchscreen tablets are pre-loaded with games and music with a mix of complimentary and paid content. No details yet on the tablet specs.

Buzztime’s already-popular trivia, arcade, card, and multi-player games will be available on the platform, as well as new games in development. Already available in approximately 150 corporate-owned locations, the multi-year agreement follows a successful test of the BW3 Buzztime BEOND tablets in approximately 30 BW3 locations.

What do you think? Will you be in media heaven or is it stimulation overload? Check out the tablet in action here.

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