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If you are looking for a case for your iPhone 5S that will offer extreme protection without breaking the bank and you don’t need something waterproof the ZAGG Arsenal for iPhone 5S may be just the thing. At just $49.99 and available in a variety of colors, the ZAGG Arsenal for iPhone 5S is protection you can depend upon.

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My ZAGG Arsenal for iPhone 5S came in a special promotional package. While the lockbox I received doesn’t ship with the production version of the case you do get complete protection in the package. As ZAGG explains,

ZAGG Arsenal is a new rugged case that keeps your devices clean and protected. Designed with a soft, cushioned interior and rock-hard outer shell, the Arsenal is resistant to liquids, drops, dust, and more, without adding bulk. The Arsenal is one of the thinnest rugged cases available and features the world-class invisibleSHIELD EXTREME screen protector that is four times stronger than glass, for premium shock resistance, break protection, and touchscreen sensitivity.

The three-part case (four if you count the included screen protector) offers a combination of a soft cushion that comes in direct contact with the iPhone 5S and a hard shell that ups the anti on the degree of protection you’ll get. And while it is a bit boxy, the ZAGG Arsenal for iPhone 5S is actually quite comfortable to hold. No, this case isn’t completely waterproof but it is advertised as offering splash protection. For most people that will be more than enough.

Features include:

  • Soft inner core and hard outer shell. Materials are specially formulated to maximize impact protection.
  • Thin invisibleSHIELD EXTREME delivers premium shock resistance and break protection for your screen.
  • Direct contact with your screen maintains precise touchscreen sensitivity.
  • Rigorous defense against dings, scratches, splashes, bumps, shock, and heavy impact.
  • Extensive protection against dirt, dust, and grime.
  • Sleek design provides intense protection without added bulk.
  • Quick and hassle-free assembly.

Here’s our video look at the ZAGG Arsenal for iPhone 5S.

I’ve been a huge fan of the LifeProof line of cases since they first arrived on the scene. That noted, those cases are significantly more than the ZAGG Arsenal for iPhone 5S. At under $50 the Arsenal is a great way to provide your iPhone 5S with serious protection without it costing you an arm and a leg. And since it comes in a variety of different colors you can find the ZAGG Arsenal for iPhone 5S that best fits your aesthetic. Learn more and order yours here.

MSRP: $49.99

What I Like: Offers serious protection for under $50; Includes a dual-layer case and a screen protector; Comes in a variety of different colors

What Needs Improvement: A bit thicker and boxier than some other high-protection cases; Splashproof but not waterproof

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

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