Adidas Originals Protect Your iPhone with Classic Style

I’m a sucker for a cute and protective iPhone case, and that’s exactly what Adidas Originals is offering. If you have an iPhone 6, 7, 8, or X series phone, Adidas has a range of cases that go from sporty to island-inspired.

Adidas Originals Protect Your iPhone with Classic Style

I was sent a selection of iPhone case styles; the blue TPU case with the hibiscus flowers and the black Hawaiian themed booklet case are making me wish for warmer weather. Let’s take a look.

Adidas Originals Protect Your iPhone with Classic Style

Adidas Originals Beach Booklet Case for iPhone 8 Plus – $30

Featuring jet-skis, plumeria flowers, pineapples, random sailfish, and an island oasis, the beach booklet case is fun and protective. The book-style case is composed of TPU with colorful fabric stitched onto the front and back. On the inside cover, there are two ID or credit card slots. A molded TPU shell holds your iPhone while covering every corner and the sides. Cutouts on the bottom expose the speaker and microphone while giving you extra-wide access to the charging port so that you won’t have an issue using after-market charging cables or docks. On the left side, there is a wide cutout for the mute switch, and flexible rubber covers are present for the volume buttons. There are also two small lanyard holes near the bottom left for those of you who like to attach a wrist or neck lanyard. On the left side, there is a flexible rubber cover for the power button.

Adidas Originals Molded Adicolor Snap Case for iPhone X – $30

The red on red Adicolor Snap Case has a fabric top with screen printed Adidas logo on top of a protective TPU shell; It’s attention-grabbing and sporty. On the left side, there is a mute switch cutout with flexible rubber covers for the volume buttons. On the right side, there is a cutout for the power button, and near the bottom of the case, there are two holes for attaching a lanyard. On the bottom, there are oval cutouts for the mic and speaker, as well as an extra-large cutout for the charging port. The case’s edges are raised around the sides of the screen to provide face-down protection.

Adidas Originals Floral Snap Case for iPhone X – $25

This design is probably my favorite; fuchsia and yellow hibiscus blossoms with purple princess flowers mix on a cloudy blue background with a random volcano and raised tiki hut; it’s making me miss the beach, to be honest. The protective and shock-absorbing case is also composed of TPU. On the left side, there’s a wide cutout for the mute switch with rubber covers over the volume buttons; on the left side, there is a cutout for the power button. The bottom has oval cutouts for the mic and speaker, and again, there is an extra-large cutout for the charging port which will work with just about any aftermarket cable or dock. The TPU edges extend past the screen for face-down protection.

I like that none of these cases add much bulk or weight to the iPhones they protect, and the styles are bright and cheerful. 🙂

Adidas Originals Protect Your iPhone with Classic Style

If you like what you see, you should check out all of the available Adidas Original cases here.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like: Protective and light; Don’t add a lot of bulk to your iPhone; Extra wide charging port cutouts so the cases will work with aftermarket cables and docks; Bright designs; Face-down protection

What Needs Improvement: Nothing

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