Lume Cube Is the Best New Lighting Accessory for Cameras

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Lume Cube Is the Best New Lighting Accessory for Cameras Listen to this article
Lume Cube Is the Best New Lighting Accessory for Cameras

Lume Cube/Images courtesy Lume Cube

I get home from work and there is a box on the front porch and inside the box is a little cube. The Lume Cube. What is the Lume Cube you ask? Honestly, I would almost call it the greatest little accessory for modern photography and videography.

Lume Cube is a small, portable, rechargeable light cube that provides a bright LED light source for just about any photographic or videographic situation. And it works with action cameras, digital SLR cameras, video drones, smartphones…just about any device that records some type of image. It is waterproof, self-contained, and even has a host of lighting accessories already in its arsenal. This is an absolute must for any budding image shooter out there, and will even impress oldheads like me. When shopping for camera gear, put things in this order: Camera; spare battery; extra memory cards; and Lume Cube. Tripods, mounts, bags – all that stuff comes after this.

Lume Cube Is the Best New Lighting Accessory for Cameras

Lume Cube measures just 1.5 inches in each dimension and is built quite solidly. It is waterproof down to 100 feet and can provide up to 1,500 lumens of constant light. One charge at full output will last about 30 minutes with the Lume Cube burning longer at the lower lumen settings (10 steps in all). It recharges via Micro USB plug on the rear and can accommodate a portable power pack (but losing its waterproof capabilities when connected, of course). There is a standard ¼-inch thread in the base for mounting to numerous accessories including the adjustable camera mount that comes in the kit. While Lume Cube can be used with just about any device, it syncs with smartphones via the Lume-X app for even greater creativity. The app also allows you to sync up to five Lume Cubes for endless recording possibilities.

Lume Cube Is the Best New Lighting Accessory for Cameras

The Lume Cube works as a constant LED light source whether shooting video or stills. Instead of a conventional “strobe” action when pressing the shutter button on your device, Lume Cube illuminates for a short duration, thereby allowing your device to focus and adjust exposure to allow for the best possible image. Lume Cube features a strobe effect (two, in fact) and even has a red-eye reduction function. Some of your more creative shots may come from putting your recording device (camera) on a tripod or mount and shooting with long exposure time using the Lume Cube as a light painting source.

Lume Cube Is the Best New Lighting Accessory for Cameras

Lume Cube is offered in a host of kits from basic to advanced and tailored for varied shooting styles be it DSLR, action cam, drone recording, or smartphones. I received the kit designed for iPhone use for review and was immediately impressed right out of the box. Simple to use yet allows for so much creativity and flexibility. A single Lume Cube device begins at $79.99 with a host of mounts, light modifiers, and other accessories available. And if you need inspiration just check out some of the work Lume Cube artists have posted in the website gallery. This and additional information can be found at Lume Cube is available at Best Buy or Apple stores nationwide.

Lume Cube Is the Best New Lighting Accessory for Cameras

Source: Review sample provided by the manufacturer

What I Like: Solid build; portable use; flexibility with various recording devices

What Needs Improvement: Nothing at this time. Cannot wait to see just how creative I can get with Lume Cube

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