Corkcicle’s Latest Colorways Are Simply “Magical”

Corkcicle is easily one of the best brands for carrying your liquids, regardless if they are hot or cold. The company has announced a few special edition colors for their popular non-slip containers and they guarantee to impress.

One of the newest colors is the Moondance design, with its unicorn Magic silver and purple finish. Available for the Canteen ($34.95), the Stemless ($27.95) wine carrier and Tumbler ($29.95), it has an industrial elegance that’s aesthetically pleasing but functions better than that plastic water bottle that’s bad for the environment. With just a little sparkle to its design, this is the perfect way to sip your beverage.

Next, there’s the Flamingo collection that’s pink and silver design is simple yet gives a bit of pop to your desk when you’re consuming your daily intake of water. My wife carries the Flamingo Tumbler to work with her daily, starting with her morning brew of coffee that can manage to stay hot for up to three hours, then around lunch break, she can easily keep her ice coffee cold for up to nine hours in the afternoon. Her only knock is that this color is only available in 16 or 24 ounces. But at $27.95 for the Tumbler and $29.95 for the Canteen the Flamingo collection are a great everyday carry.

Another very interesting collection that was recently released by Corkcicle is their NEW Poketo collection. I reviewed the older collection, but they have since updated it with new colorways that give you vibes of Spring with their designs, all while being sustainable thanks to their non-slip bottoms and BPA stainless steel to keep beverages the temperatures you want for longer.

For more information on all three collections by Corkcicle, head over to their website.

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