Chumby Lives!

Here is super exciting news for lovers of the presumed defunct Chumby. If you’re not a Chumby chaser – it is a consumer electronics product formerly made by Chumby Industries, Inc. It is an embedded computer which provides Internet and LAN access via a Wi-Fi connection. Through this connection, the Chumby runs various software widgets.


The company was thought to be down for the count last year, though an acquisition by Blue Octy appears to have salvaged the beloved product. For now.

This seems like yet another product in search of a problem to solve. If Microsoft and BlackBerry have had issues attracting developers to their respective platforms – what are the chances of Chumby permanently arising from the grave with a robust current application catalog?  Apparently true believers can find out by ponying up $3 monthly to receive unlimited apps. Or they can just keep their smartphone on a bedside table and use the apps they already own.

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Wayne Schulz
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