Une Bobine Review for iPhone 5/5S/5C

The Une Bobine from Fuse Chicken offers a flexible yet durable iPhone 5 accessory cable with a USB at one end and a special port at the other that fits most phones with cases on them. Une Bobine features a “virtually indestructible”, yet bendable metal-wrapped cord and provides flexible, convenient options as a tactical, creative stand/tripod.


The Une Bobine charge/sync/stand/dock cable is 24 inches (600 mm) long and very bendable though it does have its limits. Not quite long enough for super creative shaping (e.g. around steps or other long objects), but durable enough to securely keep the phone stable when shaping the cord in any position.


The cord adequately absorbs shock from any accidental contact with the phone when the phone is connected. This design avoids damage at the port and would only be a slight issue if the cord was shaped in a straight line, which wouldn’t be practical any way given the port orientations and the desired phone position.

I didn’t come across any phone cases that did not fit into the phone port well, so unless you have a customized, unique case there should not be any disconnection issues. You can get really creative with the Une Bobine uses while the core uses include the following:

  • charger
  • sync with computer
  • stationary stand for taking pictures and videos
  • adjustable extender for taking pictures and videos (for those hard to reach places)
  • stationary stand for video conferencing (e.g. Skype, FaceTime, etc.).


The Une Bobine also has a great optional car kit accessory that includes a dash stability clip and charger. This accessory (not reviewed here) installs in a clean location using removable adhesive backing. Users then press the stability clip on dash and wait two hours before attached the Une Bobine. A great stand option when using the phone for GPS/map purposes.


Users don’t have always have to be connected and can find several uses while connecting the phone and holding the USB end. The USB end is very durable so using it for a handheld “handle” works well without causing any damage. It can get a little slippery without a firm grip on the cord, which has a nice, ribbed design.

A different cord surface or optional covers might help here, but developers likely use the metal-wrapped style to deter any abuse or overuse of the cord.

This cable is recyclable, CE rated and began with a Kickstarter campaign. The metal-wrapped cord is magnetic and includes the iPhone 5/5S/5C port at one end and a USB port at the other.

Users must always consider the charging source (usually a computer or charge cord) when using the Une Bobine and remember to shape first then connect.


Designed in Ohio and made in China, the Une Bobine offers a fun yet practical mobile phone accessory option where even the helpful manual does not take itself too seriously.

Also available for iPhone 4 and 4S, MicroUSB, and Android. The available protection kit includes a crystal-clear slim case.

Une Bobine for iPhone 5/5S/5C

MSRP: $34.95 (Fuse Chicken, Photojojo! and other stores)

What I Like: nice design, tactical interaction that’s practical and entertaining, sturdy performance

What Needs Improvement: different colors (black, …maybe a gold version)

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