Monster Superstar Bluetooth Speaker is Small, Colorful and Impressive

Monster Products (aka Monster Headphones) make an assortment of fashionable headphones that actually sound great. The company now offers a number of speakers. The Monster Superstar High Definition Bluetooth Speaker is one such offering. It is a small, colorful speaker that actually sounds surprisingly good. Currently available for under $130, it lets you take Monster Music on the go.The company describes the speaker as, “The World’s Smallest Audiophile Speaker”. And while I’m not sure I would necessarily refer to this as an audiophile speaker, I can happily report that the Monster Superstar Bluetooth Speaker actually sounds amazingly good. This is true in general and is especially true for a spacer this small and light.

Monster Superstar

According to Monster the speaker offers:

  • Big Sound From a Small Speaker
  • A variety of Different Colors
  • A lightweight and compact design
  • Is designed to fit in your pocket, briefcase, or backpack
  • Sports a super clear mic for conference calls
  • Has two front full range drivers
  • It has one front bass radiator, one rear bass radiator

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If you are familiar with Monster’s various products you will not be surprised that the product page doesn’t offer all that much by way of technical specifications. My guess is that Monster is happier letting their designs and reputation help promote their headphones and speakers. There’s actually some wisdom to this, since specs can only tell you so much about a product like the Monster Superstar Bluetooth speaker. The look, feel, and of course sound, are really what sell a speaker like this. The good news is that The experience of seeing, holding and listening to the speaker is quite good.

Monster Superstar Bluetooth Speaker Video Look

I do wish I could share an audio sample of the speaker in use but listening through YouTube honestly doesn’t do it justice. Suffice it to say that, as I pointed out in the video, Elana came in when I was trying the speaker initially and was surprised — shocked actually — that it was as small as it was.

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I’m impressed by the Monster Superstar. It is a small, light, and brightly colored speaker that puts out more sound than you might otherwise expect. Oh, and it gets loud. The microphone lets it double as a speakerphone and it works well in that regard too. Currently available in three different colors, there will soon be three more for a total of six lively colors. Options are good, and six color choices are nice to have.

The speaker isn’t perfect. The soft touch material can pull of the speaker a bit too easily and the gap between the speaker and the soft material may allow dust and grime to build up over time. In addition, the speaker doesn’t offer the ability to daisy chain with other speakers the way some other brand models do. The speaker has an MSRP of $149.95; at that price I think it is a bit too rich for my taste. Thankfully the speaker is currently just $129.95 when you buy it here through our Amazon Affiliate Store. At that price it is definitely worth consideration.

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Learn more and see all the colors here on the Monster website.

MSRP: $149.95 (Just $129.95 through our Amazon Store)

What I Like: Small and colorful; Three new colors coming soon; Built-in microphone lets you use the speaker for calls; Serves up huge, excellent sound that is surprising for its size; Ships with a nice protective bag

What Needs Improvement: The soft material that covers the speaker can be removed too easily; Lack of specifications makes speaker comparisons difficult for those shopping around

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample of the Monster Superstar Bluetooth Speaker

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