Duracell GoPower Wireless Charging Kit Review – Powerful Stuff!

It seems that I can almost always categorize my iPhone’s status as either “charging” or “needing to charge”. Being a mobile user is rough on my battery life! I recently got the chance to review the Duracell GoPower Wireless Charging Kit. Not only is it a battery case, but also includes wireless charging. The kit only costs $119.95 from Apple.

I have not been able to use wireless charging with an iPhone for several years. In fact, the old technology I had used was actually not user friendly, and the case was anything but desirable. The GoPower Wireless Charging Kit has changed my view of wireless charging while also adding a great battery case.

Duracell GoPower Wireless Charging Kit Review

The kit combines a Duracell GoPower PowerMat wireless charging pad with the PowerCase battery case giving owners the ability to easily charge their phones with battery backup. The package includes the iPhone 5/5s PowerCase, single device PowerMat charging pad, power supply and headphone extender. The PowerMat charges the iPhone and case with the same speed as it would with a wire plugged into the wall. Simply lay the phone down roughly aligning the Ps on both devices and it immediately begins to charge.

Duracell GoPower Wireless Charging Kit Review

The PowerCase sports a soft touch finish and feels great in my hand. I was pleased and surprised the case is not too bulky. Many battery cases on the market are super heavy and add considerable size. While the case is obviously larger than a bare phone, it is comfortable to carry and hold. The 2000 mAh battery can provide up to 100% extra battery power which is much needed for me to make it through a day. The back of the case includes a button with a lighted battery level for the case. Both the case and phone will charge when on the PowerMat, and the Smart Power function prevents overcharging.

Duracell GoPower Wireless Charging Kit Review

If there is no PowerMat available, and a charge is required, there are a couple of ways to get it done. The copper accent on the bottom of the case actually covers a micro USB port that will charge the phone and case. The sleeve that holds the iPhone simply slides into the main case and can easily slide in and out. I have charged using the iPhone cable several times easily sliding the case apart. As long as I have power and my usual devices, I will always be able to charge my phone and case.

Duracell GoPower Wireless Charging Kit Review

Combining the ability to wirelessly charge with a battery case has proven to be a sweet match. The Duracell GoPower PowerMat is so sleek and small and the PowerCase provides 100% extra battery in an awesome feeling case. The case is functional and easily removed if an iPhone cable is needed for charging as well as the option for micro USB. This system leaves so many options to get power, I think I can make it through most any day. In fact, there is a full line of GoPower products that all work together and can extend the functionality even more. If you are in the market for a battery case or wireless charging option, I say get both and go with the GoPower Wireless Charging Kit.

MSRP: $119.95 from Apple

What I like: Awesome battery case with wireless charging capabilities.

What can be improved: So far I love the case.

Source: The Duracell GoPower Wireless Charging Kit was a manufacturer supplied reviewed sample

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