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The Samsung Galaxy S5 is a powerful smartphone that has Samsung at the top of their game. A device this powerful and feature-packed deserves better than the cheap plastic case Samsung continues to insist upon using. The Toast Wood Covers for Samsung Galaxy S5 helps correct this shortcoming. It looks great and protects in the process.We’ve reviewed a variety of different offerings from toast and have consistently been impressed. We were especially impressed when they sent Carly a set for her HTC ONE 8M and then quickly followed up warning her to take it off because the initial adhesive was a bit too strong. That kind of excellent customer service and respect for customers is something far too few companies have these days. I was excited to try the Toast Wood Covers for Samsung Galaxy S5, because the design of the phone was my biggest criticism of it. Toast didn’t disappoint.

Toast Wood Covers for Samsung Galaxy S5

The company notes that “we bring toasting to the S4 and the S5” in these new covers do just that. Available in four different woods – you can get bamboo, walnut, ebony –, there are enough options to get you just the casing you want for your phone. In addition to adding protection to the sides and back of your phone, the Toast wood covers for Samsung galaxy S5 add extra grip while still allowing you access to the battery. They are easy to apply, but are not reusable since getting them off takes a bit of time and patience.

When most struck me about this approach to protecting the Samsung Galaxy S5 is that when the back plate is initially installed, it has sharp edges. Adding the side pieces removes that concern and gives a finished look to the phone. The cutouts and scores in the wood itself allows the case to sit flush with the phone despite the curves. Everything is precise, and you cannot help but be impressed by the craftsmanship this product represents. The attention to detail is remarkable, going so far as to include small cutouts at the point where you are expected to grab the back plate of the phone and remove it for those times when you need access to the battery, SIM tray, or the microSD slot. It’s those small details that make these products stand out.

Video look at the Toast Wood Covers for Samsung Galaxy S5

I was very happy to have installed this protection system on my Samsung Galaxy S5 and was sad when I needed to remove it in order to review an additional case from another company. I understand why these are single use products, but I would be lying if I said that I didn’t feel a pang of regret having to remove something this nice and destroy it in the process. Here’s a quick look at what it looks like on my phone.


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I love the fact that they offer four different finishes. That means there’s something for pretty much everyone’s taste. Mine tends to land either with the Walnut or Ebony finish, but I can see the Bamboo and Ash looking quite good as well. If I was to offer any criticism of this product, it would be the fact that the front plate is an additional $10. I understand that many people are going to want just the back and side protection, and taking this approach helps keep the price down, but having to purchase the rear protection for $29 and then spend an additional $10 if you want to completely finish the device in wood is a bit on the annoying side. Then again, it means that for $39 you can protect your entire phone in real wood,  getting rid of the cheap plastic that continues to be a hallmark of Samsung’s products, and personalize your Samsung galaxy S5 in the process. If you have the S5 and are bothered by the cheap feel of it, then you are definitely going to want to check out the Toast Wood Covers for Samsung Galaxy S5.


You can learn more and order yours here on the company website.

MSRP: $29 for the back plate; $10 for front protection

What I Like: Made from real wood, Available in four finishes, Can be personalized, Offers precise fit thanks to the attention to detail the company offers; Adds protection and grip

What Needs Improvement: Single use product; Front plate is an additional expense

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample Toast Wood Covers for Samsung Galaxy S5

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