Replace Your Pebble Steel Strap with Gorgeous Natural Leather

If you’ve got a Pebble Steel, then you know that the bands that ship with it are not awesome; due to the Pebble’s odd lugs, finding replacement straps is tricky. The Pebble watch is awesome, and it deserves a better strap. I am extremely glad to have found an Etsy seller who makes a gorgeous natural leather Pebble Steel strap.

Available in natural, untreated leather with your choice of red, orange, or brown stitching …

pebble steel strap -- replacement natural leather5

… the watch strap will grow into a gorgeous brown patina as you wear it over time.

pebble steel strap -- replacement natural leather2

I love natural leather, and I really like my Pebble watch — even though I haven’t been at all impressed with the bands it shipped with. Being able to add a gorgeous watch strap to my smartwatch will not only make my Pebble Steel look even better, it will guarantee that I’ll wear it even more often.

Herman Leung, owner of the Primria Etsy Shop, says that he is a Hong Kong / Canadian designer, who “want to add a little color to the world.” I think he is succeeding.

From the Etsy page:

Each band is carefully hand-cut, and conditioned from highest quality full-grain, vegetable-tanned leather in the market. The stitching is made by heavy duty waxed thread. 

– Vegetable tanned leather
– Waxed thread
– Zinc alloy buckle 

– Vegetable tanned leather in raw finish 
– 100% hand stitched and handcrafted, made to order
– Color: Natural-beige color leather with red color waxed thread in default
– Optional thread color can be picked

Upper Strap: 22mm x 100mm
Lower Strap: 22mm x 140mm
Thickness: 1.75 – 2.00mm

I’ve ordered my Pebble Steel Strap with orange stitching; in a perfect world, yellow would have been an option, but I am sure that orange will still be fantastic!

Get yours for $49 + $10 shipping from the Primria Etsy Shop.

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