The Real Story About All Those People in Line for an iPhone 6

Yes there are people waiting in line outside the Fifth Ave New York City Apple Store. No they are not regular customers. No they are not crazy people rabid to get their hands on the latest and coolest new iPhone 6 whose existence and release date has not yet been announced. So who are they – and why are they waiting outside in a line ?




It’s very simple. These Apple iPhone 6 “line waiters” are paid marketing or promotional people. You’ll notice  almost all of them will be wearing logo’d shirts advertising the company who  paid them to wait outside. The “real” line sitting average customers won’t how up until the night before – despite what some news headlines try to make you believe. There’s money to be made in being the first or second in line since news outlets eager to hype the next iPhone release will often interview, photograph and write about you.

As of yesterday CNBC reported that the first two people in line were promoting some type of medical app while the second two were representing a company that offers to buy back used electronics and smartphones. Given that CNBC essentially gave the first place person a free commercial – the tactic of early line sitting seems to work. Just don’t be fooled into thinking that these are your typical smartphone buyers.

Via: iMore

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