Quirky Pickup Power Provides Portable Power in a Strip of Brilliance*


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Quirky Pickup Power Provides Portable Power in a Strip of Brilliance* Listen to this article

Here’s a product that seems so brilliantly obvious that I wish I’d thought of it: the new Quirky Pickup Power is a three AC outlet power strip with a built-in external 4000mAh or 6000mAh battery charger that’s always ready to go. Starting at $99.99, you can keep your portable battery charged and ready, then pop it out when needed.

The Quirky Pickup Power Provides Portable Power in a Power Strip Brilliance

That picture should make it clear what’s going on, but just in case you need more of a visual …

You get a choice of a 4000mAh strip in black or white for $99.99 or 6000mAh in black for $129.99; both strips offer 1080 joules of surge protection. The only thing the Pickup Power strip is missing is a couple of USB ports built in, but perhaps that will come in later generations.

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The specs say that the 4000mAh battery pack has one 2.1A USB port on it, and the 6000mAh pack has two, so either should be able to charge your tablets and larger sized power-hungry phones with no problem.

The window sill in our living room has a power strip sitting on it and it also always has at least one battery pack charging on it; it seems like putting one of these there would make so much more sense.

*Say that ten times fast. 😉

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