Could This Be the Computer for Your Grandma?

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Could This Be the Computer for Your Grandma? Listen to this article

Could This Be the Computer for Your Grandma?

A lot has been said about the iPad and how suitable it could be for people who have never used a computer. Way back during the late 90’s there were many companies attempting to make an appliance computer. That is, a computer that doesn’t require the overhead of a Windows PC, Linux PC or a Mac. Netpliance tried and utterly failed with the iOpener, which was a darling of the hacker community back when a 180 MHz computer was considered acceptable. Other than the iPad and Google’s Chromebooks, others have also tried at bringing the appliance computer to reality; Telikin is trying to do just that with its attempt at bringing the Internet to people who don’t want a computer.

Could This Be the Computer for Your Grandma?

Telikin looks promising. There’s no indication on the Telikin website what kind of hardware it’s running other than it has an 18 inch LCD, but then you are not supposed to care about that; you’re supposed to just plug it in and use it.

The Telikin is available for $699.

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