Tilt My Blinds Brings Automation to Window Treatments

When we moved into our house, the seller’s realtor presented us with a small remote for the blinds in the living room; the prior owners had installed electronic blinds there. We thought it was a silly gimmick, but we have found it quite useful. Now you can automate your blinds, too! Just back Tilt My Blinds on Kickstarter!

Tilt My Blinds

The Tilt My Blinds concept sounds incredibly cool and futuristic. Instead of requiring special blinds, their kit actually retrofits into existing window treatments, so if you have blinds you love, and you just wish you didn’t have to pull a cord, you’re all set! They offer both solar panel recharging and USB recharging, though they say if you go the USB route you’ll only need to recharge once every few years.

There’s a tremendous number of ways to control your blinds as well, and you won’t be locked into a dorky remote control. Instead, they’re offering a wireless wall switch accessory, as well as Bluetooth and compatibility with both iOS and Android. As they point out in their Kickstarter, this means you can control your blinds easily from around the house, as well as program them to open and close at specific times for security and home heating/cooling reasons.

Tilt my Blinds

Sound good? You can back Tilt My Blinds at multiple levels; if you back it as low as $60 you’ll get a basic kit for less than retail, and if you’re really excited there’s a $249 level backing that gets you two kits plus wall switches. For those feeling REALLY great about this technology, there is also a $599 set that gets you 8 kits and a slew of accessories, including solar panels and wall switches.

This project is being backed until October 17th, and if you do back it they say they will be shipping in February of 2015. Check out a video demo below, and hit Kickstarter and the Tilt My Blinds website for all the details!

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