iPhone 6 Plus – First Impressions of This Mobile Goliath

So, I got my iPad Mini today!  Oh, that’s embarrassing … I mean, I got my iPhone 6 Plus today.  Any which way you slice it, the iPhone 6 Plus is a large phone.  In fact, I’ve been referring to it as my new “gigantic iPhone” all day.  Keep reading to hear my iPhone 6 Plus first impressions … iPhone 6 Plus First Impression Gear Diary

Let’s speak first about the 500 lb gorilla in the room, the iPhone 6 Plus’s size.  Having never actually used a phone even close to this large, I pre-ordered the iPhone 6 Plus with the mindset of, “If I hate it, I can always bring it back within the return period, but I’ll kick myself if I don’t give the bigger and ‘better’ iPhone a chance.”  And after 3 hours, I still really don’t know how I feel about the size of this phone.

It’s huge, yes, but it’s great for media, games, browsing the Internet, etc.  Also, once apps are updated for the iPhone 6 Plus’s larger resolution, you’ll also be able to view more content on the screen in apps like Facebook.


It’s just nice having a bigger screen in a way that’s hard to describe. However, the drawback to this massive screen is the fact that my medium-to-small hands aren’t able to reach the entire screen.  Typing one-handed was something I was very adept at with my iPhone 5, but suddenly, I just can’t do it very well.

The iPhone 6 Plus is awkward to balance in my palm while trying to reach for the “q” or “a” keys.  This may be something I eventually get used to, or it may be a deal breaker.  Only time will tell. But think about it this way, if you’ve ever said to yourself, “I’d love a phone that’s a little smaller than an iPad Mini, you’re going to love the iPhone 6 Plus.  I’ve even started calling it the “Mini iPad Mini.” Everything else about my iPhone 6 Plus, however, I can’t be happier about.


The feel of the phone is rock solid.  Earlier today while talking with other writers at Gear Diary, I described the phone as feeling “bulletproof.”  Not that I would stick it in my shirt during a gun fight, but the phone just feels like it was constructed incredibly well.  And the fact that the phone is only 7.1mm thick is very impressive. The screen is excellent, and you can really tell the difference between my old iPhone 5’s retina display and the iPhone 6 Plus’s retina 1080P display.  The 6 Plus’s true HD display is crisp and vibrant, and I can’t wait to edit photos or watch HD videos on it.


Speaking of the screen, the curved glass and smooth transition between the glass and the metal of the back feels amazing, pretty much extending the screen all the way to the outside of the phone. The relocation of the power button to the side of the phone will definitely take some getting used to, but that will come with time.  My biggest concern right now is finding a slim case that doesn’t add too much bulk, because I’m worried that the protruding camera lens, although made of sapphire crystal, will somehow get damaged after spending so much time against tabletops.

That’s all I’ll get into now, but then, I’ve only been using my iPhone 6 Plus for around 3 hours!


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  1. I’m still in awe that you managed to get your iPhone 6 Plus today … but then you are on Verizon, not AT&T like Dan and me. Mine has a projected delivery date of 11/09 – 11/27! =P

    At least Kev’s iPhone 6 came in today. He’s getting it set up right now. =)

  2. Christopher Gavula | October 13, 2014 at 6:47 pm |

    So far, I’m loving the 6 Plus, but I’ve been rocking a Nokia 1520 for the past year so the 6 Plus doesn’t feel big to me at all!

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