Apple iPhone 6 Plus Leather Case Video Review

I woke up at 2:55am EST when iPhone 6 pre-orders began. I placed my order and was asleep ten minutes later. Of course, AT&T completely screwed up, and my phone won’t come for weeks. Fortunately, Wayne posted on a different way to shop, and I have an iPhone 6 Plus AND an Apple iPhone 6 Plus Leather Case in hand.

Thanks,  Wayne!!

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I don’t normally purchase Apple cases, but I want to keep this phone as clean as possible. So when Elana went to pick up my phone (another horror story, and I owe her BIG), I asked her to also get whatever case they had in stock. I really like it!

The iPhone 6 Plus Leather Case has an MSRP of $49. That rather pricey, but the case does look and feel great. More importantly, when you consider the non-contract price of the iPhone 6 Plus, the addition of $49 is a small price to pay for keeping the first Apple phablet pristine.

Apple iPhone 6 Plus Leather Case

Basically the Apple iPhone 6 Plus Leather Case is a piece of formed leather that protects the back, sides and corners. It adds minimal bulk and weight, and it feels great in the hand. Most importantly, I feel confident that my iPhone 6 Plus is fairly well protected from everything but drops when it is in the case.

Video review of the Apple iPhone 6 Plus Leather Case

As you can see from the video review, this case is as simple and minimalistic as you can get without compromising the level of protection you add by slipping your phone inside. Add in the fact that the leather Apple used for the iPhone 6 Plus Leather Case is gorgeous, and I don’t really have serious gripes about the $50 price tag.

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Source: Personal purchase of the Apple iPhone 6 Plus Leather Case

What I Like: Beautiful leather; Thin, light design; Offers a decent amount of protection considering the thin and light design

What Needs Improvement: Doesn’t offer great drop protection; Pricier than other simple cases

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