ZAGG Invisible Shield Glass for iPhone 6 Video Look

The beautiful screen on the iPhone 6 isn’t as large as the iPhone 6+’s but it is still more glass than iPhone users have experienced. Both my iPhone 5S and my Sony Xperia Z2 screens were saved by tempered glass screen protectors; I was happy to immediately install a ZAGG Invisible Shield Glass for iPhone 6 on Elana’s new iPhone.

ZAGG Invisible Shield Glass

Inside the $34.99 package — yes, this screen protector is just under $35 and worth every single penny! — you’ll find the screen protector, a cleaning wipe and a small microfiber cloth. That’s it.

ZAGG Invisible Shield Glass

The ZAGG Invisible Shield Glass for iPhone 6 is simple to install. If, like me you are putting it on your phone as soon as you removed the plastic that covers it during shipping, then you won’t need to worry about dust. If, however, the screen has been exposed for even a few minutes, then you will want to use the wipe to clear away dust and fingerprints. After drying it with the small

After drying it with the small microfiber cloth, you simply remove the backing layer on the screen protector, hold it by the tabs that are on the top and bottom — I love that!! — and line it up with the screen. The tabs mean you never have to come into direct contact with the screen protector and can get the position “just right” before setting it on the iPhone’s screen.


  • Protective: Made of fortified tempered glass, it delivers unprecedented scratch protection.
  • Crystal Clear: High-grade tempered glass provides ultimate clarity.
  • Guaranteed: InvisibleShield Glass is so good, it comes with a lifetime guarantee.
  • Sensitive: At only 0.4mm thin, Glass offers ultimate touchscreen sensitivity.
ZAGG Invisible Shield Glass Video Look

This screen protector is simple to apply, thin enough that it has no impact on the touchscreen’s responsiveness, and clear enough that you really won’t even know it is there. The only downside to the ZAGG Invisible Shield Glass for iPhone 6 is not of its own making. The iPhone 6 has a screen that tapers at the edges so you get this seamlessly smooth intersection between screen and phone. The tempered glass screen protector does not have a similar curve so, once the Glass screen protector is in place, a screen that had no edges suddenly has some. Does this impact the degree of protection it offers? I don’t know and, honestly, I don’t want to find out. What I do know is that I’m glad I got my hands on one of the first Glass ZAGG Invisible Shield for iPhone 6 screen protectors, and I am comforted knowing the beautiful 4.7″ screen is protected! Learn more here.

Source:  Manufacturer supplied review sample of the ZAGG Invisible Shield Glass iPhone 6

What I Like: Thin; Clear; Under $35; Easy to apply

What Needs Improvement: $35 for a screen protector; Adds a slight edge both visually and from a tactile perspective

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  1. I will also be putting my phone in a case – like the Otterbox Defender – will this screen protector still work with a case like that?

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