Airthings Wave Is the Most User Friendly Radon Detector on the Market

Like it or not, we live in a dangerous world. Some dangers are obvious and some dangers are unseen. Airthings developed the Wave in order to keep your family safe from one of the world’s silent killers, Radon. Syncing with a companion app via Bluetooth, Wave can keep track of temperature, humidity, and radon levels in your home.

Airthings Wave Is the Most User Friendly Radon Detector on the Market

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Radon is an invisible gas that’s formed by the Earth’s crust. Per the American Cancer Society, Radon is the #1 cause of lunch cancer amongst non-smokers and about 21,000 people die from radon-related lung cancer every year in the United States. Radon is so scary and important to monitor that every time a house is bought and sold, the house is tested for radon to ensure the house is habitable.

Airthings Wave Is the Most User Friendly Radon Detector on the Market

Green is good.

Due to the dangerous nature of radon, Airthings developed the Wave to make daily, long-term monitoring simple and easy. Simply wave your hand in front of the Wave and it will display an LED ring. Green is good, yellow means your radon levels are temporarily high, and red means your radon readings are at an unhealthy level.

Check out the gallery of app screenshots during the setup process:

While not a requirement to measure radon levels, the Wave syncs with a smartphone app to keep track of your radon levels over time and alert you if radon levels reach a dangerous level. The Wave will keep track of the temperature in the room and the humidity levels as well. What makes the Wave even easier is the simple, one screw base attachment and magnetic connection of the Wave to the base plate. Plus, it has a 1.5-year AA battery life, so you only need to remove it to replace the batteries every so often.

The Wave is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones, and although a smartphone is not required, you’ll want one to make use of all of the Wave’s features. You’re also able to sync multiple Waves to your phone so you can place them around your house to ensure that there are no areas in your house with dangerous radon levels.

Check out the gallery of app screenshots below, showing radon, humidity, and temperature levels:

What I love about the Wave is it’s high-end design. It’s modern design goes well with almost any home décor, so it won’t stick out like a sore thumb. This is a device that anyone can install, which is great because it’s so important to have in your home. It’s extremely simple to use and serves an important purpose.

My only concern is the price. At $199, such an important device is more of a luxury item than something every home will have.

You can purchase your Airthings Wave directly from the manufacturer.

Source:  The Airthings Wave was loaned by the manufacturer for testing.

What I Like:  Simple installation; Easy to use; Nice smartphone app; Modern design

What Needs Improvement:  Cost may be difficult for many to swallow

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