Dog & Bone Makes a Wetsuit for your Phone – Yes, Really

A wetsuit for your phone? Are you kidding me? This I gotta see. This was my initial reaction when reading the press release for the new Wetsuit waterproof case for the iPhone 6 by Australian accessory company Dog & Bone. Yes, the Wetsuit is designed to make your device waterproof and shock-proof while allowing direct touch access to the screen.

Wetsuit for iPhone 6/Images courtesy Dog & Bone

Wetsuit for iPhone 6/Images courtesy Dog & Bone

Wetsuit is a triple layer of waterproof, dirt proof, drop proof, sand proof and even snow proof protection and its new slimmer model is available for the iPhone 6. It has achieved an IP68 rating for ingress protection from water and dust and meets and exceeds MIL STD 810F military standard to withstand drops to two meters (6.6 feet).

Dog & Bone supplied us with a review unit Wetsuit and while I never dropped my device into a watery abyss during my time testing it I did accidentally drop it on the ground and it withstood that just fine. Dog & Bone ships Wetsuit with a piece of plastic stock in exact iPhone 6 dimensions with Wetsuit for consumers to test the case for water tightness to prove their claims before you wrap your own device in Wetsuit.


Attaching the case to your phone is simple and straightforward enough as the three-piece Wetsuit provides illustrated instructions yet I found it easy enough to figure out without the accompanying paperwork. The “frogman” suit goes on the phone first fitting snugly over top, back and bottom of your phone and then the two-piece shell snaps together over this. There are plugs covering the speaker and earpiece jack on the bottom of the unit and Wetsuit provides covering over the other important features of the phone allowing for full use and access to things such as camera lens, volume controls, etc.

I did notice some vibration from the thin covers over the phone and device speakers when using the iPhone 6 in to make calls or listen to music. With the volume turned up past halfway the thin film element that protects these areas of the phone buzz just a little from the vibration of the speakers. The clear cover over the camera lens seems to not affect image quality at all even though I am always a little nervous of having anything covering my camera lens but the lens protector appears to be of photographic quality.


A pleasant surprise was that Wetsuit still allows for use of Touch ID on the device. I already had a screen protector on my phone and Wetsuit wrapped around this perfectly offering full protection.

So why Wetsuit? Whether you live an active, outdoors lifestyle or not, sooner or later your device will be exposed to harsh environmental elements seeking to do your phone harm. It can be as simple as a drop in the toilet or bathtub or a tumble down a flight of stairs. How about flying around inside your automobile when you have to slam on your brakes to avoid a sudden traffic hazard (or idiot driver)? Sound familiar? You don’t have to stray far from home to discover potential needs to protect your device and Wetsuit offers great protection.


The newest version Wetsuit is offered for iPhone 6 currently with versions for iPhone 6 Plus and iPad Air coming soon. Dog & Bone had already been offering Wetsuit for iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S4. Wetsuit is $79.99 USD and can be purchased right on the company website at It is available in Electric orange, Silvertail and Blackest black with optional accessories of a belt clip and clear screen Bone Guard available.


Dog & Bone Wetsuit for iPhone 6 is available for $79.99 directly from the manufacturer.

Source: Review unit provided by manufacturer.

What I Like: Water, dirt, snow and shock proof; soft rubber-touch case.

What Needs Improvement: Vibration from speaker covers.

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  1. Just curious what type of screen protector you have on the phone? I have a zagg glass on mine and wonder if it would work with this case.

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