Survivors: The Quest Asks If You Have What it Takes to Stay Alive

I have enjoyed survival simulation games from G5 such as The Island: Castaway in the past, which was pretty much what I assumed Survivors: The Quest would be like. But it is much more – it is a story-driven, quest-focused adventure-survival game with RPG elements. And within minutes of starting the game I was hooked.


Type of app: Survival Adventure Simulation game

Platform/where to buy: iPad; available in the iTunes App Store

Developer: G5 Entertainment


– Explore beaches, lagoons, jungles and mountains on a beautiful tropical island.
– Play three unique characters.
– Manage each survivor’s Stamina, Hunger, Fun, Comfort and Friendship levels.
– Solve a thrilling island mystery before you can bring the survivors home.
– Stay entertained for months thanks to hundreds of quests and collections.
– Look forward to regular free updates with exciting new content!


Survivors: The Quest Major features:

The opening sequence of Survivors: The Quest sets an intriguing scenario – a plane crashes on a jungle island and there are only three survivors who you meet one at a time. They are all hungry, thirsty, exhausted and dirty, so you need to accomplish a number of tasks to get all of their needs met.


Once the survivors are safe and settled you need to start unraveling what is going on around you, what happened to the plane and how to deal with it all!

A few interesting things about the game:
– It reminds me of the Fallout series in a way, which immediately made me happy.
– While it is a survival simulation, it plays like a team-based RPG adventure
– Everything is time based, and that means REAL time. ‘Premium Currency’ (stuff you pay real money for) is mostly used to speed stuff up.


Yes this is a ‘freemium’ game, and as such there needs to be a way for the developers to make money. That is the premium currency of crystals, which are used to get you through the game more quickly. They can identify hidden items immediately, show you where your quest item is located, and immediately complete tasks. As you might guess, these are never required, but can help you along more quickly.

But getting back to the main game – what I loved most was that I felt like I was in the middle of a full-blown RPG. There are quests and choices and relationships and an unfolding plot to follow. It made it extra-satisfying to work my way through a game that offers a great breadth of experience depending on how you prefer to play.


Ease of use/Overall performance:

Survivors: The Quest controls like a standard third-person isometric adventure game, where you select a character and tap a location to move to that spot or take that action. The icon on the location you tap is specific to what actions are available, providing clues about what you can do. There isn’t so much of a tutorial as there is a ‘first chapter’ which introduces

conforms with genre norms – if you have played any other hidden object games, you will settle into this one immediately – it is a fairly standard genre game in terms of mechanics and gameplay. This isn’t a bad thing – I found that I greatly enjoyed the way things flowed throughout the game and wouldn’t have messed with anything.

As noted the technical aspects of the game are excellent – great visuals, snappy performance in terms of load-times and transitions, tap-accuracy is solid, and I never had a crash. The sound and extras are all excellent, and overall I was very impressed.


Would use again/recommend?: Definitely! From the very start I was drawn into the story, the characters and the slowly unfolding mystery of what was happening on the island. The challenges will keep you occupied, and you have many choices of ways to get through quests rather than spending money. The game is huge and involved, and the new content will keep you going for many hours and more as new content unfolds!

It is tempting to classify this as belonging to a specific genre, but for me it is casual, RPG, strategy, simulation, adventure and survival game all rolled into one very satisfying package! Definitely check it out if any of this sounds interesting!


Suggested changes/wish list for updates: Nothing

Source: Publisher provided review code

Price: Free download with in-app purchases

Here is the Survivors: The Quest trailer:

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