Noreve Saint-Tropez Tradition B Case for iPhone 6

With a price starting at under $60 for a finely crafted, rich leather case, the Noreve Saint-Tropez Tradition B 2107TB case is a luxury offering for your Apple iPhone 6. I needs a nicer name but the case is gorgeous and truly lives up to the high standards this company has set for itself. It is a great example of affordable luxury.

Noreve iPhone 6 Case


Video Review of the Noreve Tradition B for iPhone 6

The bright red color definitely isn’t my thing, but I do like the fit and finish of this design and the unboxing experience is unparalleled. It makes a great gift even if, at this point, it would have to be in the form of an IOU.


First up, there is the exterior packaging. It immediately makes clear that this is a true luxury product.

Lift the top of the box and you are greeted by the interior pouch. I don’t see this pouch being used for more than a minute with the case, but it does make for a nice presentation and certainly can be used in other ways after the iPhone 6 case is removed.




The case itself is simply gorgeous. The leather is rich. The padding is substantial and the actual construction is second to none. The iPhone 6 snaps into the case with ease and is held securely in place. It is, however, simple to remove. The cover has a good amount of padded protection so you can be confident the screen is safe. On the inside are slots for a few cards. This made sense now that the iPhone 6 has Apple Pay. Slip a license, a credit card and your health insurance card into the case and you have pretty much everything you need.

And there’s more.

The back of the case has an extra piece of material that stays securely snapped in place when not used but unsnaps to create a nice viewing stand position for the iPhone 6 in landscape mode. Yes, this is an iPhone 6 case that is both a wallet case and a viewing stand case.

Check it out here in this slideshow…

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This Noreve case for the iPhone 6 is gorgeous. And while I am personally not drawn to it- for me it is too bright, too thick and adds too much bulk- I can appreciate the quality of the case and can understand why many would be taken with it. In fact we will be giving away this review sample in an upcoming giveaway so stay tuned! In the meantime you can check out all of the various offerings from Noreve here.

Source: Manufacturer provided review sample of this iPhone 6 case

What I Like: Quality case for a surprisingly low price; Offers excellent protection; Avaiable in a variety of colors and styles of leather; Doubles as a wallet: Includes a built-in viewing stand

What Needs Improvement: Adds significant bulk to a phone that is known for its thin and light design

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