Illustrate Word Quiz App Boosts Your English Skills

The new Illustrate Word Quiz increases your English language knowledge using picture and video content that can boost your vocabulary and overall skills with dynamic, varied topics that match your skill level in short, entertaining sessions plus developers are offering a holiday present with special codes for more coins and unlocked topics.

GearDiary Illustrate Word Quiz App Boosts Your English Skills

This all ages English app works for students, English as a Second Language (ESL) and any other player  Illustrate Word Quiz has multiple topics and multiple levels with increasing difficulties for continuing education.

Illustrate Word Quiz  is available on iOS and Android (via Google Play).

Topics are updated weekly, so there is plenty of content in this fun learning app including the following:

  • Confusing words (eg: quite and quiet)
  • Texting Lingo (eg: LOL)
  • Anagrams (eg: Edit and Tied)
  • Synonyms (eg: Humorous and Funny)
  • Antonyms (eg: rich and poor)
  • Spelling (eg: correct the ‘speling’)
  • Unscramble (eg: “rde” makes “red”)
  • Two meanings (eg: Staff meaning a stick or the employees)
  • Foreign Words (eg: Bon voyage)
  • Collocations (eg: Have fun)
  • Connotations (eg: A brittle glass and brittle manners)
  • Action words (eg: throw)
  • Guess the object (eg: Brush)
  • Pictograms (eg: White flag represents surrender)
  • Vocabulary builder (eg: SAT / GRE / GMAT / ACT / LSAT )
  • Collective nouns (eg: a bouquet of flower)
  • Oxymorons (eg: A definite ‘May be’)

Go to the “offers/coupons” screen from the main menu and enter coupon code “IWQ” for 500 coins for unlocking even more topics.

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