iOS Breaks into the Restaurant Business

iOS Breaks into the Restaurant Business

I am used to seeing Apple Store employees use iPod Touches as point of sale devices, and even a few other retail outlets, but this weekend I saw iOS breaking into a new service industry — restaurants. We were out at a local brewery/restaurant, Triumph, and the waitress had an iPod Touch to take orders on, in place of the traditional pad and paper.

Unfortunately, due to the “Snakebite” beer I ordered, I was not in a condition to ask detailed questions about how the iPod ordering system worked. Our waitress said she liked it though, and our food arrived quickly and with the requested customizations everyone wanted, so clearly it works well!

Have you seen your local favorite places switch to electronic point of sale? Has it been a smooth transition? Let us know in the comments!


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  1. Perhaps it’s old news, but I’m definitely seeing more businesses using the scan method. Walgreens, for example, has an app that lets you scan your prescriptions for an automatic refill, which I am finding *incredibly* convenient. Similarly, if you are buying something regularly from Amazon–supplements and vitamins, for example–you can use the Amazon app to scan in the bar code for those items for a quick and easy re-order. I’m loving it, honestly.

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