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Now that you have had some time to get familiar with your new smart device, you may be starting to wish for some accessories to expand its functionality. A good place to start is with photography attachments and is a great place to begin your journey towards expanding your smart device photography portfolio.

USBFever Lens Kits/Images by Author

USBFever Lens Kits/Images by Author

Almost all devices and phones offer a fixed lens for its camera so this is a great place to start adding accessories in the form of wide angle and macro lens attachments. USBFever has been offering an assortment of these type accessories for the multiple generations of smart devices and phones for a number of years with their online catalog recently updating to include the latest iPhone and Samsung devices.

I have checked out these lens attachments for my previous three iPhones and when USBFever announced the new lineup of iPhone 6 articles I was eager to review the new stuff.


USBFever sent me a package containing an assortment of new lenses including the new 2-in-1 37mm 0.45x Wide Angle (+ 1.25x Macro) Lens, Super 20x Macro (microscope) Lens and new Circular Polarizing Filter Lens. All of these lenses come with a back case that snaps easily on the phone and the lens screws into a metal collar over the phone lens for easy and fast use. The lenses also include lens caps for protection of the optical surfaces.

No polarizer

No Polarizer


With polarizer

With Polarizer Lens

While I have used wide angle and macro lenses in the past on my iPhone, this is the first time I have had a polarizing filter for my device and I was excited to finally be using a photographic quality optical filter on my iPhone that has yet to be replicated in any app. The polarizing filter helps by reducing reflections from surfaces such as glass, chrome, water, foliage etc. while also being able to darken a blue sky and enhance some colors recorded by the camera.

Normal Lens

Normal Lens


Wide Angle Lens Attached

Normal lens

The wide angle adaptor lens allows for the camera to record an area nearly twice as wide as the device lens alone does. This is great when shooting in close quarters where you cannot physically move back to take in more area or, for me, shooting interiors of vehicles and being able to record the entire front seating area. The lens’ metal and glass construction mimic professional lens characteristics and allow for longer durability as well as higher quality images.

Normal Lens

Normal Lens


With 20x Macro Lens

With 20x Macro Lens

The 20x Super Macro works like a microscope and is a really fun lens for bringing tiny objects to life. I would recommend this lens as a must-have for any basic iPhone photography kit, especially nature lovers.

Unfortunately I cannot use any of my previous generation lenses on my iPhone 6 as the thread size is different but the lenses are relatively inexpensive and a good lens kit can be put together for under a hundred bucks.

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What is it:
2-in-1 SLR 37mm 0.45x Wide Angle / 1.25x Macro Lens for Apple iPhone 6 (MSRP $29.99),
Circular Polarizing Filter Lens (CPL) and Back Case for Apple iPhone 6 (MSRP $28.99),
Super 20X Macro Lens (20X MicroScope Lens) with Back Cover for Apple iPhone 6 (MSRP $15.99).

Likes: Lenses mimic professional lenses for DSLR cameras, allow for more flexible photography with your smart devices.
Dislikes: Cannot use older lenses with new case.
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