Lenovo Shows Some Love to the Yoga Line with 5G and Refreshed Yoga Slims!

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Most people hear “yoga” and think of body twisting poses and stretchy pants. Tech fiends hear “Yoga” and immediately think of the Lenovo line of 2-in-1 laptops with hinges that exhibit far more flexibility than most humans. If that’s you, read on for the latest and greatest from Lenovo’s signature Yoga line of computers!

Lenovo Shows Some Love to the Yoga Line with 5G and Refreshed Yoga Slims!

If you’re truly a road warrior and always on the go, you know the importance of having a good cellular connection, WiFi, or a hotspot handy. The Yoga line is going hyper-mobile with the Yoga 5G, so you’ll have a connected device without worrying about hotspots or WiFi passwords. Yoga 5G starts at $1,499, a great price for a slim device coming in at only 2.8 pounds, up to 24-hours of battery life, a special Qualcomm Snapdragon 5G Compute Platform, and an optional digital pen for note-taking on the go. Keep your eyes peeled and your wallet ready for Spring 2020!

Lenovo Shows Some Love to the Yoga Line with 5G and Refreshed Yoga Slims!

Of course, Lenovo didn’t forget the regular Yoga Line, with new Yoga Slim 7 devices in 14″ and 15″ screens, and AMD and Intel processor options. All of them come with Windows 10, Dolby Atmos speakers, and the other features you’d expect from a Lenovo machine; whether to go for one or the other is totally up to each person’s screen size and processor needs. AMD Yogas start at $849, while Intel ones start at $1,209. Look for both variants in April 2020.

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