AT&T Follows T-Mobile – Allows Mobile Data Rollovers

Beginning January 25th, 2015 AT&T follows T-Mobile and allows you to rollover data. There’s only two small gotchas. Rollover Data is used only after the full data allowance for your Mobile Share Value plan in the current bill cycle is used. And only one month carries over before expiring and the next month’s unused portion rolls over. If you go over your data allotment and purchase additional data – that purchased data won’t roll over.


Once you exceed your plan’s current allowance, you’ll automatically start using your available Rollover Data. If all Mobile Share Value plan allowance and Rollover Data are used, an additional allotment of overage data is automatically charged to your account. Overage data does not roll over.

From the AT&T press release:

Rollover Data is shared by all lines within a Mobile Share Value plan (up to ten lines for consumers or up to 10, 25, 50, or 100 CRU lines for business customers depending on the plan).

Is Rollover Data a limited-time offer?

No, we’re introducing it as a feature included with our Mobile Share Value plans. As long as you remain on a Mobile Share Value plan, you’re eligible to receive Rollover Data. However, if you change the data allotments of your plan, you’ll lose the current Rollover Data balance, but you can start again and accrue new Rollover Data on the plan you switched to.

How can I get Rollover Data?

There’s no additional cost for Rollover Data. It’s an added benefit with all AT&T Mobile Share Value plans. If you’re an AT&T Mobile Share Value customer, whether consumer or business, you’ll be enrolled automatically. Existing customers on other plans, including legacy Mobile Share, will need to move to a Mobile Share Value plan to receive Rollover Data. Once you move to a Mobile Share Value plan, when your next bill is sent out, you’ll see if you have any Rollover Data balance.

When do I lose my Rollover Data?

Rollover data expires after one billing cycle, when you change your plan (including changing your data amount), or when your account or Mobile Share Value plan is ended.

Does Rollover Data include unused additional data purchased as a result of overage during the bill cycle?


Does Rollover Data apply to the legacy Mobile Share plans or Data-only Mobile Share plans?

No. Rollover Data is a benefit provided for our Mobile Share Value plans only. Legacy Mobile Share and Data-only plans are excluded.

Those of you who recall the days when carriers played similar games with voice minutes – first offering strict allowances then rollovers then unlimited voice –  may  wonder whether the day is soon coming when all smartphones will be unlimited everything – voice, text and data.  If the trend started by T-Mobile and now followed by AT&T continues it may just happen  — and sooner rather than later.

Via: ATT Press Release

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