Get Your Important Notifications on Your MOTA Smart Ring!


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I wrote about the MOTA Smart Ring (what feels like) ages ago, and I finally got the chance to see one in action and slip it on my finger yesterday. It’s reasonably priced at a pre-order price of $99. What that gets you is notifications from all of your usual apps — messages, email, Facebook, etc.

… without having to look at your phone or your wrist!

Okay, I wasn’t willing to take off my wedding set to try it on in the middle of the CES madness, but you can see that the MOTA Smart Ring is really cool looking, and once you see our interview with the co-founder of MOTA, you’ll understand what makes it a smart option for those who don’t want to wear a smartwatch.

More about the Mota Smart Ring:

• Easy to pair and use with Bluetooth enabled mobile device
• Subtly vibrates to help notify you of incoming calls, texts, emails and more
• Simply scroll on the SmartRing’s screen to view your latest updates
• Customization options allow you to have complete control over which types of updates come through
• Available in two majestic colors

If you pre-order, you’ll receive it in mid-2015, and you can pre-order it.

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