Lousy Phone Signal in Your Home or Car? WeBoost Signal Boosters Can Help!

I’ve made no bones about the fact that if it weren’t for Wilson Electronics, which has recently rebranded as weBoost, I would have an absolutely pitiful signal inside my home if it weren’t for their products, and they have only become better. I had a chance to talk to weBoost about their new 4G signal boosters for home and car.

Lousy Phone Signal in Your Home or Car? WeBoost Signal Boosters Can Help!


WeBoost makes carrier agnostic signal boosters, so it doesn’t matter if you are with Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, or some other regional carrier! Here’s the booster that can help at home or in a smaller work space.

And here’s the booster that works in your car …

One of the things that weBoost has really excelled at is doing away with switches and dials — anything that might make it a bit more difficult to get the perfect signal tune to your booster. Now they are much more consumer-friendly and easy to operate.

If you live, work, or drive through areas with iffy cellular service — as long as there is a signal — there is a weBoost product that can amplify it and make it usable! Their new site will launch within the next month, and once it does, we can all look forward to great reception!

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