Making Use of my Notifications with Velox 2 Cydia Tweak

Now I have a reason to use my notifications!

Now I have a reason to use my notifications!

Velox 2 is an upcoming tweak from a friend of mine by the name of Phillip Tennen (@phillipten on Twitter) that allows you to interact with your apps on the Springboard in an amazing new way.

Written from the ground, a follow-up to the tweak Velox by ApexTweaks for iOS6, Velox 2 takes us on a new journey in its ways to view notifications on our Springboard.

With gestures like swipe up or down, double and triple, as well as hold onto icon, you can invoke a folder that contains the notifications for each app. Think of your Notification Center on your homescreen, per app. The notification itself is fully functional, with the ability to tap to view, swipe to dismiss, and pull down to clear. The upside is the tweak is open for other developers to be able to make plug-ins to make compatible for the tweak. Already on board are well-known developers: Coolstar, bd452, CokePokes and Sassoty.

I don't have to leave my homescreen for Snapchat

I don’t have to leave my homescreen for Snapchat

The upside comes with the stock apps. With some of your iDevice’s stock apps, you will be able to do things like compose new messages, see all of your unread mail, and post photos to Twitter and Facebook. On top of that, you are able to choose which view you want from each individual app!

Heres an idea of what you get when you gesture on the Settings icon (theme: Elite8)

Heres an idea of what you get when you gesture on the Settings icon (theme: Elite8)

I personally look forward to using the down gesture to invoke Velox, while using the up gesture or double tap icon gesture still for my Apex 2, which I’m pretty sure will be compatible with this tweak. The tweak is confirmed to work with Springtomize 3 and Boxy 2.

Phillip is well-known in the Reddit Jailbreak community and has a history of updating his tweaks to be compatible with the current jailbreakable iOS.

The tweak is currently finishing up its Beta stage, but Velox 2 should be in Cydia soon for $1.99.

What I enjoy: Being able to change my alarm at a swipe; Overall fluid, looks like something Apple will add to next iOS.
What I Hope Improves: More app plugins for the future; more improved functionality with Apex2.

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