Review: Guitar Sidekick For Mobile Devices

Review: Guitar Sidekick For Mobile Devices

If you follow reviews here on Gear Diary, then you have noticed an exciting new trend for guitarists.  A ton of apps have been developed to use while playing the guitar.  Tuners, metronomes, tablature, chord diagrams, effects.  You name it, it can be found on various mobile devices.  As an iPhone user, I have reviewed and been an active user of many of the IOS guitar applications.  Here is the one problem I have found with this new genre of apps:  Where do I hold my iPhone?!?!  I have tried balancing on my knee and setting it on a table or music stand.  I have even had my six year old hold my phone up so I can read a tab.  I told my wife a while back I needed to invent a strap or something to hold my iPhone when using it with my guitar.  Luckily, CASTIV has solved this problem with the release of the Guitar Sidekick.

Review: Guitar Sidekick For Mobile Devices

Introducing the Guitar Sidekick™

The Guitar Sidekick™ is a neck-mounted clamp system designed to hold a SmartPhone, MediaPlayer, recorder, or tuner. The system enables you to easily use any of the music/guitar apps available for smart mobile devices, such as: video lessons, lyrics teleprompter, audio recorder, metronome, tabs display, and instrument tuner. Compatible with any guitar, it does not affect playing or tuning, and accommodates the iPhone, iPod touch, PSP, iTab, and others.


Easy to install and to use
• Works on acoustic, classical and electric guitars
• Does not affect the acoustics of your guitar
• You can still tune your guitar with the Sidekick™ on
• Can rotate to accommodate either portrait or landscape view

Four simple steps will install the sidekick and have any guitarist on their way to using their device hands free.  First, slip the bracket under the strings beyond the nut.  The device is thin and should fit any guitar.  I have tried it on various acoustic and electrics with no problems.  Next, clip the holder onto the metal bracket.  You may have to loosen the screw sleeve on the holder to get the correct angle.  Third, position your phone, tuner or device on the holder.  The sidekick is easily adjusted to securely fit your device.  It does work with an iPhone sporting a case.  Finally, adjust the device to the desired viewing angle.  Virtually any angle or aspect ratio can be obtained.  Once the angle is found the device can be tightened down to lock into place.

Review: Guitar Sidekick For Mobile Devices

Since I am primarily a back room solo musician (read that as wannabe! LOL), I spend most of my time playing for my own enjoyment.  Since I do not perform for people much, I like to load tons of tabs and play along with my iTunes library.  When the Guitar Sidekick arrived, I did not put my guitar down for several hours while I played through my collection of tabs.  I was able to easily adjust my iPhone from portrait to landscape views depending on the app I was using.  If I needed to tune up, I would open Guitar ToolKit and tune away.  I was pleased to see that my phone was able to hear the notes and allow me to tune from the neck position.

Review: Guitar Sidekick For Mobile Devices

Guitar Sidekick is truly one of those products that you will say, “Why did I not invent that!”  Clamping the device on the stings does not affect the sound or acoustics of the guitar one bit since it is placed beyond the nut.  The main clamp is made of metal so it is both attractive and strong.  The device is non-intrusive and will looks similar to a capo with an iPhone connected to it.  If you use an iPhone or any kind of mobile device while playing the guitar, the Guitar Sidekick is a must have product!  I have actually left it on my acoustic since I rarely get much time to play during football season, but when I do, I can quickly open up TabToolkit and play immediately.

Guitar Sidekick website

MSRP: $29.99

What I Like: This is exactly what I was looking for when using my iPhone guitar apps.  Simple to use, attractive and strong.  A must have for guitarists!

What Needs Improvement: I need more time to play my guitar but of course it isn’t the sidekick’s fault!

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