The Orange Chef Countertop System May Be the Kitchen’s Operating System

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A new and exciting kitchen device coming out this fall, is the Orange Chef Countertop. It syncs with your everyday kitchen appliances as well as your activity tracker to provide personalized recipe recommendations, helping you cook step-by-step, as well as keep track of your nutritional intake. It is now available for preorder at $99.95, 50% off future retail price.

The Orange Chef Countertop System May Be the Kitchen's Operating System

Countertop is basically the smartest cutting board you’ll ever see. It pairs with an iOS app and can also sync with appliances like your Vitamix blender or Crockpot through optional accessories. It will learn your eating habits and can suggest healthy alternatives, including healthy replacements for recipe ingredients. And since the device syncs with your activity trackers, starting with the Jawbone UP, as well as Apple Health, it can offer up delicious post-workout snacks to optimize your caloric intake. It even uses sleep pattern data through Apple Health in its algorithms.

The Orange Chef Countertop System May Be the Kitchen's Operating System

Probably the nicest feature for those of us who love to cook is that it can help guide you, step-by-step, through cooking healthy meals. The Orange Chef Countertop will even weigh your ingredients and tell you when you’ve added enough for your recipe. The Countertop system can also help you keep track of your food intake if you’re trying to watch your figure. It will automatically log each ingredient and quantify the nutritional values in real-time.

The Orange Chef Countertop System May Be the Kitchen's Operating System

The Orange Chef Countertop base will have a battery life of 365 days and will be location aware, so it can tell when you’re in the kitchen!  It will also have a removable and dishwasher safe top, so you don’t have to worry about keeping your Countertop clean.

The Orange Chef Countertop System May Be the Kitchen's Operating System

Santiago Merea, CEO and founder of Orange Chef has said about Countertop: “By partnering with well-known brands such as Vitamix, Jawbone and Crock-Pot® and by designing add-on adapters that will retrofit kitchen appliances, we are making the smart kitchen affordable and accessible. Our vision is to become the operating system for the kitchen.”

The Orange Chef Countertop System May Be the Kitchen's Operating System

The Countertop system is available for a limited time at a promotional price of $99.95 when pre-ordered at This is 50% off of the anticipated retail price of $199.95. The iOS app will be free to download. The Vitamix adapter will be $9.95, while the Crock-Pot slow cooker adapter will be $4.95 during the pre-order period. Countertop bases and adapters will start shipping in Fall 2015.

I can’t wait to see how the Orange Chef Countertop system works and we hope to receive a review unit when they become available. Stay tuned to Gear Diary for more!

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