Harman Kardon Soho Wireless Cut Cords for Music on the Go

I don’t want to even try to count the number of headphones that, between the two of us, Judie and I own. And when she reviewed the Harman Kardon Soho Headphones I’ll admit I was a bit jealous. We both have the Harman Kardon Soho Wireless Headphones and I absolutely love mine. She does too. Here’s a look.

The wireless version of the jewelry-like headphones maintain the same beautiful design but let you enjoy your music sans cords. And while they, unsurprisingly, have a slightly higher price than their wired siblings, $249.95 vs $199.95, I strongly suggest spending the extra dollars for the convenience offered by the wireless option.

Harman Kardon Soho Wireless 
As the company explains: 

Harman Kardon Soho Wireless headphones await you in a stylish, user-friendly package designed to keep you on-the-go. From the forethought of its fold-flat design for ease-of-travel, this smart and stylishly sophisticated headset is the wireless travel partner you’ll likely never take off – dressed in stitched leather and stainless steel, adding significantly to its air of elegance and poise. Truly wireless, combining the connective ease of NFC and Bluetooth® technology, their convenient, ear-cup-mounted, touch-sensitive controls keep you in charge while rendering them the perfect sound complement to any road trip. As you’d expect from Harman Kardon, their sound is superb – thanks to specially-selected 30mm drivers and high performance neo-transducers delivering crisp highs and an enhanced bass response. Whether joining you for work or play, these indispensible, on-ear headphones offer you maximum, wireless connectivity to an ever-widening array of devices. As a personal statement to your own sense of style, you’ll find them a critical component of your active, everyday life. 

Harman Kardon Soho Wireless Cut Cords for Music on the Go

By going wireless you don’t actually lose anything. A 3.5mm auxiliary input allows you to plug the headphones into practically any audio device in exactly the same way you would the Soho wires headphones. But because these headphones have Bluetooth technology built into them you can also listen to your music while your Bluetooth enabled device is in your pocket, bag, or on the other side of the room. That extra bit of flexibility, going from wired to wireless mode within seconds, is something I think anyone looking to enjoy their music on the go will appreciate. It also means the music won’t stop when the battery runs down.


Harman Kardon Soho Wireless Cut Cords for Music on the Go

Pairing is simple and, if your audio source has NFC, even simpler. With a simple touch of the NFC-sensor you can pair your device and start the music flowing. 


Harman Kardon Soho Wireless Cut Cords for Music on the Go

Inside the Box you will find:

  • 1 Harman Kardon Soho Wireless headset 
  • 1 slim-line carrying pouch 
  • 1.2m bypass cable 
  • 1m USB charging cable 


Harman Kardon Soho Wireless Cut Cords for Music on the Go

As mentioned previously, the headphones look and feel like jewelry. The fine lines of the headphones make them look and feel refined. The leather used in the ear cups and headbands is offset by the fine silver metal. The two come together to offer a product that is refined and look much daintier and delicate than they actually are. The quality protective bag included with the headphones adds to the appeal. Don’t be fooled however, these aren’t simply fashion headphones. No, the sound delivered by the headphones immediately make is clear that this is a product where the audio comes first.

The sleek design of the headphones is enhanced by the fact that they have just one button. It, in fact, is hidden along the bottom of one ear cup right next to the 3.5mm jack for those times when you want to use the headphones in wired mode and the covered microUSB charging port. The controls are buried in the ear cup and are touch sensitive. You won’t know they are there unless you either read the manual or simply play around until you discover them. The great news here is that they work quite well. Once I got the hand of where and how the controls work I was able to raise and lower the volume, advance and repeat tracks, and play and pause my music without issue. Having used other headphones with touch controls I found these to have the best responsiveness I have seen.

Harman Kardon Soho Wireless Cut Cords for Music on the Go 

I do wish the headphones has a sensor built into them that knew when you take them off. That way, when you remove the headphones, the music would stop. I’ve used headphones that have this feature and I love it. The battery savings alone make it worthwhile. Sadly that feature isn’t present.

Harman Kardon Soho Wireless Cut Cords for Music on the Go

While I’m talking about taking the headphones off it might be the right time for me to mention my only, and I mean only, issue with the Harman Kardon Soho Wireless headphones. They are comfortable and fit my head nicely but, unfortunately, they do not stay put if I bend down or move my head too quickly. It isn’t a huge issue but it is something I have encountered more than a few times in the weeks I have been using them.

You can learn more about the Harman Kardon Soho Wireless Headphones here on the product page

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample of the Harman Kardon Soho Wireless headphones

What I Like: Look and feel great; sound terrific, comfortable; touch controls really work; use in wired or wireless mode

What Needs Improvement: Don’t stay on when I bend over while wearing them; no sensor to stop music when you take them off

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