Lunatik’s Epik is a Kit for Your Apple Watch That’s Stylish and Protective.

If you ever held an iPad Nano on your wrist hoping it could one day be a watch, I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of Lunatik. If you haven’t, it’s worth noting that the company raised over $900,000 to turn the nano into a makeshift watch five years ago in 2010. So it’s only telling that now courtesy of Apple actually releasing the Apple Watch that they’ve attempted to put their bid in for the Apple Watch accessories category.

With the Apple Watch all but have sold out to the point that if you attempted to purchase one on the 24th, you have a 1 in 100 chance of actually walking out with one, if in the event you do manage to receive one, you’ll want to protect that new investment. That’s where the Epik comes into play.

Lunatik's Epik is a Kit for Your Apple Watch That's Stylish and Protective
Epik is the ultimate Apple Watch case that doesn’t compromise your smartwatches integrity with it’s protection. The rugged, functional, and overall protective casing is designed for the 42mm version of the Apple Watch. The Epik system includes a case and band, and is available in both aircraft-grade aluminum and reinforced polycarbonate versions.

“Epik is crafted for those who rely on their gear, as the bold yet complementary design transforms the Apple Watch into an uncompromising, rugged companion, ready for anything,” reads the press release. “From hiking, jogging, skiing, and cross-training to climbing, going to the beach, hitting the jobsite, and normal everyday use, Epik will provide Apple Watch owners with the comfort of knowing that their investment is safe and well protected.”

Lunatik's Epik is a Kit for Your Apple Watch That's Stylish and Protective
With that being said, by the end of the month, Lunatik plans on launching a Kickstarter campaign to raise funding for the Epik, which I’m sure will be successful since not everyone has $10,000 to fork out for Apple’s premium for their bands. If all goes well, the Epik will be put into production and the first deliveries are expected to arrive to first backers this summer.

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