Designed by M’s Superb New NFTY PL+S Power Bank is up on IndieGoGo Today

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The folks from designed by M are back at it again with their NFTY PL+S all-in-one portable battery charging solution. It will be able to charge up to 4 USB devices at a time and can be charged itself via an AC outlet, your car’s cigarette lighter, or your computer’s USB port. Early birds can pledge $55 to snag one.

Designed by M's Superb New NFTY PL+S Power Bank is up on IndieGoGo Today

The NFTY PL+S is billed as the last charging solution you’ll ever need for your smart devices. The name doesn’t quite roll off of your tongue, but the NFTY PL+S launched on Indiegogo today, looking to earn $50,000. It’s quite a nifty (did you see what I did there?) device in that it can be charged using any of three power inputs PLUS it can charge up to four other devices at a time. It has a battery capacity of 4,000 mAh, which designed by M boasts is enough to provide users 3 hours of additional talk time, 71 hours of standby time, or 3 hours of internet browsing.

Designed by M's Superb New NFTY PL+S Power Bank is up on IndieGoGo Today

The NFTY PL+S is my favorite kind of power bank, since it can be plugged directly into a wall outlet, making it a de-facto AC-to-USB power brick that can be used instead of your OEM charger while traveling or elsewhere in your house. Another advantage to this power bank is that it’s been designed to fit in your back pocket without being uncomfortable. Designed by M says that the NFTY PL+S will be approximately 2.25” x 2.25” x 1.15” and weigh less than 60 ounces. The final advantage to this product is that it will also have built-in cable management for one USB cable, so you’ll be able to flip out its prongs and wrap your USB cable around it for easy travel.

Designed by M's Superb New NFTY PL+S Power Bank is up on IndieGoGo Today

If all of this sounds good to you, head over to NFTY PL+S’s Indigogo campaign to pledge your support and to get a great price on this power bank while you still can!

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