MakerBloks Is a Kickstarter for Children Who May Want to Be Engineers

This week MakerBloks announced four new games, including a new iOS tablet app in attempts to get the new generation and today’s youth inspired to engage in STEM education.
Founded in 2014, Makerbloks, has let over 40 million children in the United States be able to create, build, and design real electronic circuits, with little to no prior knowledge. I’m not even a child and to be honest with you, I might have to use this myself, haha.
MakerBloks Is a Kickstarter for Children Who May Want To Be Engineers
The color-coded, magnetic blocks will guide children through the basics of electronic circuits and it’s fun natured approach will keep kids immersed; courtesy of the four games available to preorder on Kickstarter, including:

·         Light and Sound Intro Kit–featuring the basics to building circuits

·         Music Kit–featuring keyboard, microphone and flute games

·         Spy Kit–featuring voice changing and burglar alarm games

·         MakerBloks World–an interactive tablet game that combines the virtual and physical worlds

“With over 15 years specializing in designing children’s games and toys, I understand how games should look, function and feel,” said Francois Poirier, CEO and founder of MakerBloks. “I also know how important longevity is. Parents want their kids to use games and toys for as long as possible. The best part about MakerBloks is its ‘hack-ability’–the instructions are just the beginning. Teaching kids about science and technology is a great start, but helping them to be more resourceful, more creative, and to feel empowered is what MakerBloks is really about.”

MakerBloks Is a Kickstarter for Children Who May Want To Be Engineers

The inspiration behind MakerBloks comes from Francois going shopping one day for a toy made for a six year old that was not only fun, but easy-to-use while still being educational. So it’s no surprise that he created his own, as there aren’t many out in the market that accomplish all three of the listed.

Available for pre-order today via Kickstarter, the intro kits start at $45 and advanced kits, starting at $85 will include intro kits and additional blocks. With an accompanying app set to ship later in the fall, why not start today? Head over to their Kickstarter page today and get yourself some!

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