Tune Up Your Morning Routine with the iHome iCVBT7 Double-sided Vanity Mirror with Bluetooth Speakerphone

Raina and I are finishing up the first phase of our home renovation. When we set out to redo the kitchen and both of the upstairs bathrooms one of my goals was to add smart features wherever possible and have speakers in each and every room. That’s where the iHome iCVBT7 Double-sided Vanity Mirror with Bluetooth Speakerphone comes in!

The iHome iCVBT7 Portable / Rechargeable 9″ Double-sided Vanity Mirror with Bluetooth Speakerphone and USB Charging is an unusual product. The best way to conceive of it is as the spawn of a 9″ vanity mirror and a Bluetooth speaker. And while you could get a vanity mirror AND a Bluetooth speaker for the bathroom, having something like this product eliminates the need to bring two pieces of clutter into the bathroom. Considering the small size of both of the upstairs bathrooms in our house space is a huge consideration.


iHome describes this “beautiful mirror with a wireless speaker” this way:

“Look your best while enjoying your favorite music anywhere you like. USB port to charge mobile devices as you prepare for your day. The distortion free mirror has a 1x and 7x magnification for the best beauty routine and detailed grooming. Bright LEDs with high and low settings provide natural looking light for a look that’s right in any situation.”

“Stream audio wirelessly via Bluetooth from your mobile device. Built-in mic, digital voice echo cancellation and answer and end controls make speakerphone use a pleasure. Aux jack with included audio cable connects to most audio devices so you can enjoy your favorite music while getting ready. The bright LEDs and audio work independently while operating on internal rechargeable battery or AC adaptor.”

The best way to review the iHome iCVBT7 is to take a look at the individual components that come together to create the product.


First let’s look at the mirror. It is a 9″ double-sided mirror that is large enough to use with ease even when looking into the mirror with eyes blurred with sleep. In addition, the mirror is, in fact, two mirrors. One side offers 1x magnification and is good for basic use.

“High quality, 250 lux LED lighting with full spectrum color helps show every detail so you can look your best. Get ready in this light and look flawless and confident in any surrounding.”

At the same time, since it sits next to a fixed wall mirror that sits over the sink in the bathroom where it now resides there really isn’t a huge reason to use this mirror at 1X magnification other than the fact that it offers 250 lux Full Spectrum Light.


The real trick of this mirror is that, when you flip it around you get a second mirror that offers 7x magnification. Combined with the light, it is great for applying makeup, tweaking and, of course, seeing all of the wrinkles that develop over time. A great feature of the light is the power saving feature that turns off the light after 25 minutes of being idle.

As a makeup mirror it is Raina tested and approved!


Mirror Features:

  • 250 lux Full Spectrum Light
  • High quality, 250 lux LED lighting with full spectrum color helps show every detail so you can look your best. Get ready in this light and look flawless and confident in any surrounding.
  • Power Saving Timer
  • Light turns off after 25 minutes of non-use
  • 9″ double sided mirror with 1x/7x Magnification


The second aspect of the mirror is the speaker built into it. I love having a Bluetooth speaker in the bathroom for listening to the news or some music first and last thing each day. Sure, you can use the iPhone or iPad’s speaker but, let’s face it, those mobile devices still sound rather crappy. Having a separate speaker can make a huge difference. That’s where the Bluetooth speaker built into the base of the mirror comes in.


Pairing the speaker is as simple as pressing and holding the power button for a few seconds. The speaker then goes into pairing mode and is ready for you to go to the Bluetooth settings on your mobile device and pair as you normally would. The mirror has music controls on the front part of the base and is simple to use. In addition, the mirror can be used as a speakerphone so you can have a hands-free conversation while using it.


Raina raised an interesting point when I first unboxed the mirror. “Since it is going into the guest bathroom in the hallway,” (our master bath simply is not big enough for it) “How will guests be able to use it?” The solution is rather easy. The mirror also has a 3.5mm Aux In port and includes a 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable. Leaving the cord attached to the mirror will make it clear to anyone using it is that all they need to do is plug their device in and turn on the speaker.

As for sound… I’ll give it a passing grade but not much more than that. Yes, it is better than the speakers on most mobile devices but it won’t be winning any audiophile awards. Then again, this gadget isn’t designed to be your home audio sound system but, instead, is for use in a specific place and for specific purpose. It doesn’t have to provide killer audio.

Speaker Features:

  • Bluetooth wireless audio for streaming digital audio wirelessly from your Bluetooth-enabled audio device
  • Local Music Playback via aux-in
  • Connect almost any music device with the analog 3.5mm stereo auxiliary input.
  • Speakerphone
  • Integrated media controls with talk/end button for hands-free conversation

There are two other features worthy of note. One is a great feature while the other is…not. The great feature is the fact that, included among the ports on the back, is a USB port for charging a mobile device. Sure, it only offers 1 amp of power but 1 amp is certainly better than no amp. The “not” feature is the inclusion of a rechargeable battery. This battery means you can take the mirror pretty much anywhere and still use it for up to four hours. Want my music at your picnic? Just bring your vanity mirror. Surprising your honey with a candlelit dinner in the backyard? Just bring your vanity mirror along so you can enjoy some mood music. Going to the beach? Yup, bring the mirror and you can not only listen to Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes but you can use the mirror to reflect light into the eyes of the lifeguard. Good times abound with the rechargeable aspect of this mirror. Seriously, I like this product a lot but, unless I’m missing something, the rechargeable mirror is just dumb.

So as a mirror that streams music while you get ready in the morning the iHome iCVBT7 Double-sided Vanity Mirror with Bluetooth Speakerphone is great. At 11.00″ W x 16.50″ H x 6.50″ D it is not designed for small spaces like our master bathroom but, in slightly larger spaces, it is great. The mirror works well and the 7 times magnification is almost TOO much. (Almost but not entirely.) The speaker that can stream or work with a 3.5mm cable is great to have in the morning and the USB charging port is a nice touch. At about $150 the mirror isn’t inexpensive but it looks, feels, and functions like a quality product you will be happy you purchased. I just think the rechargeable battery is a bit silly.

You can check it out and order yours here!

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample of the iHome iCVBT7 Double-sided Vanity Mirror with Bluetooth Speakerphone.

What I Like: Lighted mirror works great; 7 times magnification works well; Speaker works via Bluetooth or 3.5mm cable; Easy controls on the front; USB port for device charging is nice addition.

What Needs Improvement: A rechargeable battery??? Really???

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