The All New SOUNDBOKS Is a Massive Bluetooth Speaker for All Occasions

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There are countless numbers of Bluetooth speakers on the market today. Some float, some glow, and many unfortunately still charge using micro-USB, but one speaker that has truly amazed me over the last few weeks is the SOUNDBOKS.

The All New SOUNDBOKS Is a Massive Bluetooth Speaker for All Occasions

If you’re familiar with the SOUNDBOK 2, then you kinda know what to expect here, but if not, you’re in for a true treat. A Bluetooth speaker to end all Bluetooth speakers, this is the speaker that when you have friends over for game night, or even to take with you to a family outing where you rather be your own DJ, the SOUNDBOKS truly does it all. The newer SOUNDBOK looks a lot like the previous SOUNDBOK 1 & SOUNDBOK 2, giving off more of the look of a speaker you’d find at a bar or nightclub in my personal opinion. But amazing enough the speaker is ultra-portable, looks incredible, and doesn’t require a wall outlet to function. With a battery life that lasts over 40 hours, the new SOUNDBOK is built to carry the tunes for hours, so much so I even reached out to the DJ from my wedding and recommended the system to him for his DJ events due to its portability.

Inside of the box, you receive the new SOUNDBOKS speaker, a BATTERYBOKS that is backward compatible with previous models (which is great if you have the SOUNDBOKS 2 or SOUNDBOKS 1 and want to swap them out when the battery gets too low), and a proprietary charger. Now you know I’m not a huge fan of those, but for something this massive in size compared to your average handheld Bluetooth speaker, it’s probably best.

The All New SOUNDBOKS Is a Massive Bluetooth Speaker for All Occasions

First impression from my wife: she hated it. She thought, just like me, that it looked like a stage monitor for a concert and probably weighed too much to move around our personal house, only to be surprised when she could lift it herself and even said: “well, I wasn’t expecting that”. But she was even MORE impressed with the actual sound of it. Boasting two 10-inch woofers, a compression driver tweeter and a Class D amplifier complete with Advanced Bass digital signal processing, the speakers sound freaking amazing.

The All New SOUNDBOKS Is a Massive Bluetooth Speaker for All Occasions

We had a few friends come over before I recorded a podcast just to test out how they felt about the audio I played, and so many compliments came from not just the sound but the aesthetics of the speaker. My brother mentioned it being the perfect poolside speaker for his home, which I thought was fitting since the speaker — while not waterproof — does come with an IP67 rating. So, while I wouldn’t exactly suggest sitting it directly next to the pool, if you do decide to put it on the side in a grassy or damp area, it would be just fine and might take the residual of a cannonball splash. If only I were able to test this, but unfortunately our pools have already closed for the summer.

The All New SOUNDBOKS Is a Massive Bluetooth Speaker for All Occasions

With regard to inputs for connecting a friends phone to turn into a DJ, SOUNDBOKS states:

The New SOUNDBOKS is equipped with a new feature, the Pro Panel. Pro Panel has 2x ‘XLR/6.35mm Jack’ combo inputs (CH1 & CH2), 1x 3.5mm AUX input and 1x 3.5mm AUX output. You can also choose to connect wirelessly to the New SOUNDBOKS using Bluetooth 5.0.

One huge deal for me is the ability to connect the new SOUNDBOK allows you to daisy-chain it to other SOUNDBOK speakers, including previous models courtesy of SKAA technology. In my testing, I was able to pair two SOUNDBOKS together for listening, to my neighbor’s dismay I’m sure. The SOUNDBOKS can go up to 126 dB which is INSANE. That’s similar to being in the front row at a concert, which is awesome if you’re outdoors for a cookout or function, but I wouldn’t recommend it at all inside your home.

The All New SOUNDBOKS Is a Massive Bluetooth Speaker for All Occasions

Do I enjoy the new SOUNDBOK? Absolutely. The price is a bit high, though; it starts at $999 for a single speaker, which is a bit out of my price range, but there’s something for everyone I guess. If you are interested in having the top of the line Bluetooth speaker that will fit in your trunk or backseat (I’ve tested it, it fits), or if you just want a loudspeaker that sounds incredible, the New SOUNDBOK can be purchased through this link

The All New SOUNDBOKS Is a Massive Bluetooth Speaker for All Occasions

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit on loan

What I Like: Loud, large, yet light Bluetooth speaker that has connectivity ports like AUX

What Needs Improvement: Expensive

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