Bluelounge Cable Yoyo: No More Tangled Earbuds

Simple things that look good and do their job make me happy, so picture me smiling as I tell you about the Bluelounge Cable Yoyo. There’s not much to it — two soft silicone halves joined together in the center by a metal ring. It looks like a donut, but this is actually a fab earbuds or cable wrap.

Bluelounge makes products that work very well with Apple products, so this cable wrap is specifically aimed at people who need a way to manage their Apple iPhone earbuds or Lightning cables.

The Cable Yoyo measures about 2.75″ from end to end, and it is about .7″ thick.

That’s what my headphones usually look like at the bottom of my backpack, by the way.

To wrap your cable around the Bluelounge Cable Yoyo, you simply place one end of the cable inside the reel and start wrapping the other end around the center — like winding a yoyo.

I can’t stand the included iPhone earbuds, so I’m using the Cable Yoyo with the Pioneer Rayz that I always carry in my backpack. As you can see, the Cable Yoyo manages to hold the Rayz well — even though they have a long remote control.

There are two versions of the Cable Yoyo; the $9.95 version comes in dark gray, light gray, and lime green.

The $12.95 limited edition  version comes in black & gold and blue & gold.

The main difference between the two models is that the center of the limited edition version is gold, while the $9.95 regular version is silver. Both have magnets in the center that will attract the metal in either your earbuds or Lightning cable to hold the loose ends in place.

Whether you get the special edition version or not, the Bluelounge Cable Yoyo is a simple and elegant solution to loose, unwrapped, and tangled cables. Organize your earbuds or cables by keeping them in the Cable Yoyo.

The Bluelounge Cable Yoyo retails for $9.95 with the silver center and $12.95 for the special edition with the gold center; they are available directly from the manufacturer and from other retailers.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like: Two versions available in multiple colors; The $12.95 version has a magnet in the center to hold your earbuds; Instant organization that doesn’t fail; Works with other in-ear headphones, too

What Needs Improvement: Nothing

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