Bluelounge Cable Yoyo: No More Tangled Earbuds

Simple things that look good and do their job make me happy, so picture me smiling as I tell you about the Bluelounge Cable Yoyo. There’s not much to it — two soft silicone halves joined together in the center by a metal ring. It looks like a donut, but this is actually a fab earbuds or cable wrap. Bluelounge makes products that work very well with Apple products, so this cable wrap is specifically aimed at people who need a way to manage their Apple iPhone earbuds or Lightning cables. The Cable Yoyo measures about 2.75″ from end to end,…

Bluelounge Quick Peek: A Visual Inventory of Everything Stored

It might be easy to dismiss an organization system that keeps track of things you’ve stored as something someone with too much “stuff” would want, something someone who needs to explore the minimalistic lifestyle would need. But you don’t have to be a budding hoarder for the Bluelounge Quick Peek to help you keep track of “what’s in the box.”

Bluelounge Mika Universal Table Stand Makes a Great Gift!

The Bluelounge Mika Universal Table Stand is simplicity at its best. The stand is universal so it works with most every tablet and many light, thin laptops. It is, as the company notes, “simple and timeless, it can be used for the device you carry today, and tomorrow. And at $29.95, the Mika makes a great gift this holiday season! What’s new is that Mika is now available in white with light grey details. Until now it was only available in aluminium with black details. This new version offers a nice aesthetic option. “That drawer filled with old accessories and…

Bluelounge Aaden Charges Rechargables on the Go

BlueLounge has done it again with the Aaden USB powered charger for charging rechargeable batteries from your laptop or other USB power source. It’s one of those simple accessories you don’t need but, once you have it, you’ll be happy you do. In other words, it’s typical Bluelounge. 🙂 And at just $19.95 it will make a great stocking stuffer.

Bluelounge Kosta Is a Charging Coaster for Your Apple Watch

I bought my Apple Watch intending to return it before the two week trial period was over. I found I really like Apple’s first smartwatch and, as you might expect, I ended up keeping it. That means it’s time to accessorize. My first extra… the Bluelounge Kosta. It is a low-profile charging station that is simple as simple can be. As Bluelounge explains: “Charge your Apple Watch the way it’s meant to be charged. Kosta is a coaster that manages your existing Apple Watch charger giving your Apple Watch a convenient place to rest and recharge. Unlike other stands, Kosta…

Bluelounge Posto Headphones Stand Babies Your Headphones

The first time Raina came to visit she took on look at my apartment and said, “That’s a hell of a lot of headphones.” It was, and is, and most of them were simply piled one on top of the next. The new $19.95 Bluelounge Posto universal headphone stand will help keep things more organized. It is low-profile and gets the job done.

Bluelounge New Product Roundup and Reviews

Since first meeting with Bluelounge at CES 2014 I’ve been a fan. And when the company releases new products I’m always interested in what they have now come up with. They just announced two new products-Pixi Multi-Purpose Ties and the Portiko power cord. Both are affordable, well-executed, and serve excellent purposes.   PIXI MULTI-PURPOSE TIES The first product Bluelounge just announced are the Pixi Multi-Purpose Ties. These are… “adjustable and reusable multi-purpose tie to bundle or secure anything under the sun. Similar to a zip tie, Pixi serves a multitude of functions but unlike a zip tie can be used…

Bluelounge Kickflip Gives Your Laptop a Lift

There are times when the simplest of ideas can be the best. The Bluelounge Kickflip is a good example of this. The Kickflip is a small strip of plastic that lifts your Macbook and creates a more ergonomic platform for your typing. Available for both the 13″ and 15″ Macbook it is simple… And impressive.

The Bluelounge Kii Unlocks the Key to My Gear

Last week my keyring got a new addition — the Bluelounge Kii Micro-USB. The Kii is a small sync/charge adapter looks like a simple key but opens to reveal a short but very practical USB-to-MicroUSB cable. At $24.95 (the Lightning Connector version is even more) it is a pricey accessory, but the convenience can’t be beat.

Keep Your Devices Charged and Ready to Go with Bluelounge’s Sanctuary4

It is a “first world problem” but a problem nonetheless. As mobile gear multiplies, the need to charge them in a convenient manner becomes increasingly important. Bluelounge’s Sanctuary4 promises to keep up to four devices charge while conveniently keeping things organized and accessible. At $99.95 it might appear a bit pricey, but the convenience and functionality are sure to impress.

You and Your iPad Can Travel Light with BlueLounge’s Bonobo Series iPad Sling

BlueLounge’s new Bonobo Series iPad Sling looks like a great way for you and your iPad to travel light. As the company explains, Our new iPad Sling stylishly accommodates your everyday necessities. Ultra-light, modern, and sleek the iPad Sling features a padded main compartment, a zippered exterior pocket, easy-snap magnetic closures, and a comfortable cross-body fit. It’s the ideal accessory for commuting to the office, or simply to the coffee shop. For all iPads.