Chris Leckness Talks Vaping

WARNING: The products discussed may contain or use nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical; in many cities and a few states, you must be 21 to purchase vaping products and/or products containing nicotine. Please familiarize yourself with and obey the law in your location.

Hello, esteemed Gear Diary readers. My name is Chris Leckness, and I am a 43-year-old certified geek. I will not bore you with the long story of geekdom that I have lived out, but I will share a little about my online life as a geek.

Chris Leckness Talks Vaping

I have been dabbling in web design and building community websites since 1997. I have created dozens of sites as a hobby, but most of them never made it far. A couple of sites, some of which you might have heard of before, that did do well were Aximsite and Mobilitysite. I no longer own these sites or any sites for that matter. I pretty much sold my entire tech site empire at the beginning of 2010. I continued to write on and off, mostly off, for Gottabemobile for a couple of years after that. I pretty much quit reviewing products and blogging in 2012. I have created a few other sites about subjects I became passionate about over the last 5 years, but never really stuck with any of them. In 2014, I found another subject I am passionate about and built a site around that passion, but gave it away when I got busy with life. I ended up selling the site to the ad agency I was using, and they never did anything with it.

Speaking to my self-proclaimed geek status, I got started in the mobile tech game after I created Aximsite, a site that grew to massive membership in 2003 after the launch of the Axim. Aximsite was a site about the Dell Axim Pocket PC and evolved beyond that into one of the largest PocketPC forums online and eventually became Mobilitysite. I started covering the smartphone arena and it was once said that I changed phones more often than I changed socks. During that time, I was award the Microsoft MVP Award for 7 years. I was awarded the MVP award for Pocket PC and Windows Mobile, but I spent 1 year as an MVP in Zune and digital media. I was also lucky enough to become a member of Mobius alongside Judie. I have written a few articles in PocketPC Magazine and iPhone Life Magazine as well.

In 2012, I went from reviewing phones to being a regular phone consumer. I purchased the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon’s network and used it exclusively for almost 2 years. This doesn’t seem like a big deal unless you know how many phones I would have gone through in that same time-frame when I was reviewing. After the Nexus, I moved over to AT&T and purchased the Samsung Galaxy S4. I used it for 18 months and finally got new phone last month, the Galaxy S6 Edge. I absolutely love it and use it along with my Motorola 360 smartwatch.

Don’t worry,  I am not here on Gear Diary to share phone and watch reviews and opinions with you. I am here for another passion, Vaping.

Judie and I have been friends for 10+ years. I still remember our first conversation where she commented about my southern voice and the way I presented devices to the public in a way that anyone could understand. We’ve had a mutual respect for each other over the years while we ran our own sites. I have told her before that I would love to share with her audience someday. I really never had that opportunity since I have always run my own sites.

About 6 months ago, Judie contacted me to learn more about electronic cigarettes since I was running a site where I was evangelizing vaping and reviewing e-cig products. Unfortunately, I was not able to help her much since the item she was trying to learn more about was a different type of vaporizer than the types I was interested in. At that time, I told her that I would love to share some e-cig knowledge with the Gear Diary readers. I haven’t had much time until now, and since I pretty much gave away the site I had created about vaping, I decided to contact Judie again.

Chris Leckness Talks Vaping

So, here I am to share some information about Electronic Cigarettes with the Gear Diary readers!

I plan to write a few informative articles to help debunk some of the negative press that vaping and e-cigarettes are getting in the mainstream media. I plan to write a few tutorials about what vaping is. I also plan to write reviews on the hottest new products for vapers. Depending on the temperature of this audience, I might even share some advocacy info as well. The government, big tobacco, and the pharmaceutical industry are trying to shut the e-cig market down, and it’s not looking good for those of use that use e-cigarettes as a safer method of nicotine delivery.

I look forward to sharing!

If you want to know more about what vaping is, check this article out.

My E-Cigarette/Vaping Story

I smoked for 27 years and I am now done! In fact, it’s been 1 year and 3 months since I have had a cigarette. I had tried to quit dozens of times. I tried the patch, I tried gum, dipping, Wellbutrin, and nothing had worked until e-cigarettes.

In 2009 at CES. I was waiting for my appointment with Palm to check out the Palm Pre and passed by a booth selling e-cigs that looked like actual cigarettes. The guy running the booth handed me a couple of samples, I took a puff and was like, “whoa… that’s bad!” I proceeded to tell this guy that I smoked menthol and he gave me a menthol version. It was bad too, but I didn’t have the heart to tell him a 2nd time. Since I was press, he handed me some additional samples to take back with me. I never used them. The experience (taste and feel) was so awful that I swore I’d never give them another chance. I don’t even remember the name of that company. It was cool how it did look like a real cig, and it even had an LED on the end to look like a real cherry.

A couple of years ago, a friend of mine in Memphis, Tennessee was telling me how he quit smoking using e-cigs. I wasn’t interested. He ended up getting so excited about e-cigs that he started selling products at a flea market. Eventually, he opened one of the 1st vape shops in Memphis, Zooks Vapor. I still wasn’t ready to try them.

Last year, I ran into some contractors at work that used to smoke. All 3 of them were using e-cigs now. One of them was a guy that I’ve known for years and I said to myself, “If he can quit, so can I”. On that day, I decided I wanted to give them another try.

The 1st thing I did was to call my friend at Zooks Vapor. He told me some things to look for and some to look out for. I was going to order a kit from him but found that there was a local store where I live that had just opened 3-4 months earlier. I decided to check them out in hopes of finding what I need without having to wait a couple of days for a shipment. I headed in and the owner recommended the same device for me that my friend Todd had suggested. I purchased the MVP 2.0, a Kanger Unitank, and a couple of bottles of E-Juice and headed home to try it out.


I haven’t craved a real cigarette since that day.