DUBS Acoustic Filters Protect Your Ears and the Quality of the Sound

At CES 2014, Judie and I attended a Linkin Park concert. JBL did a special speaker installation in the theater for the night. We stood at those speakers, and boy was it loud; I couldn’t hear properly for the next day. Next CES I’ll protect my ears, and I’ll bring a pair of DUBS Acoustic Filters everywhere I go.

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Seriously, we were so close that Judie took these pictures with her IPHONE!!!

The reason this product exists is rather simple. We are dealing with more environmental noise than ever, and it is damaging our ears.

DUBS Acoustic Filters

The DUBS Acoustic Filters aren’t simple earplugs. No, rather than simply creating a physical block between your eardrums and the outside world; these filters cut down on the loud noises that might otherwise assault you.

The harmful noise surrounds us, and it is so ever-present that we don’t even notice it. Whether it is the roar of an airplanes, the banging at a construction site, the pounding bass at a concert, or the thumping beat at your local club, we are audibly assaulted throughout the day. The result has been a significant rise in Noise Induced Hearing Loss. This is especially true among those who are not yet of retirement age.

NIHL can happen suddenly, when a mic feeds back at a concert, or develop gradually from repeated exposure to loud noise over time. Hearing loss occurs when your ears are consistently exposed to sound at or above 85 dB.

A quick look at this graphic shows the problem.


In other words, hearing loss is going up, and it is the result of environmental factors more than it is the result of the aging process. The DUBS Acoustic Filters help prevent NIHL by featuring a 12 decibel Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) that, in turn, helps protect your ears.


As the company explains:

The DUBS are advanced tech earplugs that reduce volume without sacrificing the clarity of sound. Whether you’re in the city, at a concert, on a plane or at the game, the DUBS protect your ears to keep you going louder, longer.

The key advantage of the DUBS isn’t the fact that they look decent and are rather unassuming. No, the key advantage of the DUBS is that they use Dynamic Attenuation. This is fancy-speak for the fact that, unlike traditional earplugs which distort and muffle sound, the DUBS Acoustic Filters employ an intricate mechanical process that filters sound without distorting it. Through a proprietary combination of high and low pass filters the DUBS actually reduce the volume while preserving the proper balance and clarity of the audio.


DUBS Acoustic Filters may look simple but they are actually a complex, thoughtfully designed product that is made from a combination of stainless steel, ABS, polymer foams, and silicone. A quick look at the complexity of the product makes it clear that these are a serious tool that was designed to protect your hearing.


Video Look at the DUBS Acoustic Filters


  • BUILT TO LAST: The DUBS have been constructed with premium materials – including high strength plastics, stainless steel, polymer foams and silicones – to create a durable product that can be worn over and over, every day.
  • DESIGNED TO BE WORN: Unlike awkward foam earplugs, the DUBS unique form factor allow them to be worn comfortably and to sit flush against the ear. The DUBS are reusable, and come with a convenient, portable case to go with you everywhere.


I would have preferred if the carrying case could snap closed and had a loop so they could be attached to a key ring, but the current design of the case can open in your pocket or bag and can easily get lost. Considering the fact that DUBS are $25 a pair that’s no small concern. That complaint aside, I’m impressed with the DUBS Acoustic Filters. They are comfortable and do exactly what they promise. I’ve worn them in a variety of situations already and find them to be one of those products that deliver what they promise.


As someone who listened to far too much loud music when I was younger and who still tends to play my music too loud, I know I need this product. I listen to music constantly throughout the day, and I don’t quite know what I would do if I were I to lose my hearing. Unfortunately, I worry that the damage has already been done, and it is simply a matter of time. At the same time, that isn’t a reason not to do a better job of protecting my hearing from this point forward. The DUBS Acoustic Filters will be part of doing so from this point forward. The product is pricey at $25, but if you buy more than one pair you can save significant dollars right now. Learn more here.


Source: Company Supplied Review Sample of the DUBS Acoustic Filters

What I Like: Small and comfortable; Reduce noise without distorting the sound

What Needs Improvement: Carrying case needs to snap close and have a way to secure to your keys; Pricey

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