Bluelounge Posto Headphones Stand Babies Your Headphones

The first time Raina came to visit she took on look at my apartment and said, “That’s a hell of a lot of headphones.” It was, and is, and most of them were simply piled one on top of the next. The new $19.95 Bluelounge Posto universal headphone stand will help keep things more organized. It is low-profile and gets the job done.

Bluelounge Posto
As Bluelounge explains:

With the rise of open plan work spaces, headphones have become a necessary tool to stay efficient in the workplace. Why not give your expensive headphones a place to hang out on your desk instead of throwing them by the wayside?

Posto is a simple yet elegant headphone stand that keeps your headphones hanging neatly in a dedicated space, within a very small footprint.

Bluelounge Posto Headphones Stand Babies Your Headphones
Posto’s body is solid, made from high-grade aluminum with a supple flexible rubber headrest to form to the shape of your headphones. It comes in three pieces requiring a one-time assembly and is suitable for all sizes of headphones.

The Bluelounge Posto is “simple yet elegant” and gives headphone of all sizes a dedicated place to reside when not in use. At under $20 it is highly affordable. And with its low profile design it won’t take up a ton of space when it is not in use.

Bluelounge Posto Headphones Stand Babies Your Headphones
The Posto has a supple silicone-rubber headrest at the top of the post. When, by placing a pair of headphones on the stand, weight is applied to the headphone-rest portion of the Posto, this rest area conforms to the curves of the headphones themselves. This, in turn, creates the illusion that the headphones are floating or balanced on a single bar of material. It is a subtle but oh so impactful illusion and detail that adds to the cool factor of the product.

Bluelounge Posto Headphones Stand Babies Your Headphones

The Bluelounge Posto is smaller, lighter and less substantial thank some of the other headphone stands we have reviewed- the JustMobile offering for example- but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth checking out. The small size and profile means it will all but disappear and, thanks to its design, it will still do an excellent job of hold most any pair of headphones.

Bluelounge Posto Headphones Stand Babies Your Headphones
Add in the price and the ease-of-assembly and you have a headphone rest that will work nicely alone or, if you are like me and have multiple pair of headphones, will work nicely in conjunction with two or three other Postos.

Bluelounge Posto Headphones Stand Babies Your Headphones
Posto is available in black or white at a suggested retail price of $19.95. If you love your headphones and like to keep them handy it is definitely worth checking out.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample of the Bluelounge Posto headphone rest

What I Like: Easy to assemble; Inexpensive; Doesn’t take up a ton of room

What Needs Improvement: Less substantial in look and feel than some other offerings

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