Make the Content Your Kids View Safer with Smartfeed!

Let’s be honest, your kids are learning at a pace that you cannot keep up with. Technology is forever changing and media is one of the quickest ways to get information to kids. But sometimes too much can be a bad thing. Luckily there’s a Kickstarter program that might help you as the parent better manage your child’s media consumption.

Enter SmartFeed, a campaign that is designed for you, the parent, and is helping to find inspiring and engaging media, be it apps, games, movies, you name it for your children. Sure, you could just toggle over to the “kids” section of Netflix, but what happens when you leave the room? Kids will be kids and venture off onto things you rather them not see. A lot of parents might say “well just limit screen time”, but you cannot change a child’s knack for always wanting more. And a lot of the content today is just bad. The SmartFeed puts the control back in the parent’s hands by giving you the opportunity to find content that is appropriate and positive for your kids to watch, without the extra fluff.

Make the Content Your Kids View Safer with Smartfeed!

“Media is increasingly pervasive in society today and certainly isn’t going away,” said Linsly Donnelly, Founder of SmartFeed. “We think parents need a tool that does more than just filter out the bad content, but instead finds the good stuff and conveniently serves it up – across all content formats and device types, with preferences set by child, media and device.”


SmartFeed has a four step system in place that it believes every parent will better utilize than what’s currently on the market. The four steps, Curate, Deliver, Manage, and Connect are essentially like Pandora meeting Netflix. The content is delivered to your child based on what the parent thinks fits them. Using algorithms such as situations, ratings, content format, and values, just imagine being able to leave your child at home with the babysitter knowing that the “playlist” for the night has already been set?

Make the Content Your Kids View Safer with Smartfeed!

With a goal of $75,000 and 13 days to go, why not help SmartFeed become a reality for the betterment of your child? Version 1.0 will include the Curate and Connect components, and if successfully funded will be available later this fall. Subscription fees will start at $14.99/month – but can be secured today for as low as $4.99/month with your reward pledges.

Feel free to look at SmartFeed’s site, or go straight over to their KickStarter and back them today.

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