Gooloo GF01 Jump Starter Power Bank Charges Your Phone and Starts Your Car

Let me just get right to it, I was absolutely skeptical about this product when I first read the press release – a power bank that will jump start your car. Really. I can charge my cellphone OR jump my car if the battery dies. Really. The Gooloo GF01 Jump Starter Power Bank works, folks. Really.

Gooloo GF01 Jump Starter Power Bank/Images by David Goodspeed

Gooloo GF01 Jump Starter Power Bank/Images by David Goodspeed

Had I not done it with my own vehicle I would probably still not believe it, but this handheld battery pack – with a capacity of 7,500 mAh no less – started my old van after I ran the battery dead to the point of only getting that annoying clicking sound when turning the ignition key. In less than 10 minutes, and without having to open the hood, I cranked the engine over and we were back in business. And now with the alternator charging I can even recharge the Gooloo device for the next time I need it.


This is what Gooloo does, they make battery products that can work in an emergency and multitask as this Jump Starter proves with its dual 5V USB charging ports and built-in flashlight. It is all wrapped in a glossy white plastic box and the kit comes with 12V accessory outlet cable (us old-timers call this outlet in the dash a “cigarette lighter” plug), home charging cord, and pigtail USB cable with micro USB, Lightning 8-pin, and Apple 30-pin connectors. The unit can be recharged in the vehicle or at home and best of all it will charge your dead car battery via that same “cigarette lighter” plug in less than 10 minutes.


Gooloo makes several jump starter boxes, the one they sent for us to test is the GF01 Multi-Function Jump Starter (on the device it is labeled the GF01 Jump Starter Power Bank). Input is 14V with outputs of 5V/1A, 5V/2A, and 15V/10A. Gooloo rates this battery pack for more than 1,000 cycles. Something else crazy about this device? It is listed on with an MSRP of $259.99 but it is on sale for $52.99. Guess you better jump on that in case it is a limited-time offer.


Simply put the Gooloo Jump Starter Power Bank works. I was able to recharge my iPhone, my iPad Air, my Android tablet AND my 1995 minivan – not all at the same time mind you. Indicator LED lights on top of the device tell you when it is charging or discharging and it has an auto-off feature when not in use. And it has that convenient flashlight that also blinks out an S.O.S. in emergencies.

The Gooloo Jump Starter Power Bank is available on Amazon [affiliate link] for $52.99 with free shipping.


Source: Gooloo GF01 Jump Starter Power Bank (review sample provided by manufacturer).

What I like: It works as advertised; multiple charge ports; multi-device pigtail cable included

What can be improved: Dual switches can be confusing

Where to buy: ($52.99 and free shipping).

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