ECBC’s Lance Daypack Review: The Best Backpack I’ve Ever Used

As of late, I’ve been doing a lot of traveling. And one thing I hate is the fact that when going through baggage check I have to take my laptop out of my bag. So when I had the opportunity to get my hands on the ECBC Lance Daypack, which is every traveler’s dream bag, I jumped.

The Lance Daypack has an ECBC FastPast system which is the coolest feature ever. It allows you to float right through TSA without having to take out your laptop and tablets, which to me is a big deal because I’ve never felt too secure putting my $1000 Macbook in a gray bin then walking away from it — with the possibility that other people might have the same one.

ECBC's Lance Daypack Review: The Best Backpack I've Ever Used

So headed out of town to visit the in-laws, I made it a mission to pack up as much as I normally do in my travel bags when I’m leaving the house for a few days. My bag consisted of:

-Macbook Air 11
– two external Battery packs
– Extra t shirt
– iPhone
– Wallet
– Cables
– Lotion
– Mints
– Selfie Stick (don’t ask)
– PhoneSoap (currently reviewing)
– Water Bottle
– Book

ECBC's Lance Daypack Review: The Best Backpack I've Ever Used

Surprisingly, with the Lance Daypack everything fit perfectly without any hitch, and they all fit perfectly. The thing I like the most about the bag itself though is the compartment distribution. I tend to carry a lot of cords, cables, and most of all, gadgets in my bag and I need them all accessible easily when using. Going to conferences and conventions, at a moments notice I’ll need to be able to reach my pen and pad, or even just my portable battery to charge my phone when it gets too low. The ECBC Lance has two front compartments, one I use for my cords, to place my phone in, as well as gum/mints and some of my favorite pens. This is my most used, and the fact that the sipper portion is slightly tucked away helps me easily identity which pocket I’m reaching for.

ECBC's Lance Daypack Review: The Best Backpack I've Ever Used

The second compartment is exclusively for my notebook and my iPad mini. The felt-lined pouch is not only water-resistant, it’s also top loading and has its own private sleeve to protect my tablet (something not all bags have, but luckily this one does).

Obviously the highlight of the bag itself is the Foldout Fastpass which eliminates having to take your laptop out of your bag. I always fight myself when fumbling through traditional bags in line at the airport to reach for my Macbook Air 11″, but with the Lance it’s just easy. The zipper for this compartment loops all the way to the bottom enabling you to easily just open that compartment and lay it flat for it to go through the security belt.

ECBC's Lance Daypack Review: The Best Backpack I've Ever Used

The ECBC Lance overall is just a beautiful bag, especially for the $150 price tag you’d be paying for it. LITTLE things about the bag like having not just one, but TWO water bottle pockets that aren’t just your standard mesh pockets, but come with zippers so when they are not in use, they don’t just sit loosely on your bag. Add the fact there is a top loading felt-lined pouch right on the top of the bag for things like your smartphone or your glasses, this bag is beautiful.

With rubberized zippers, you won’t have to worry about that annoying clanking you’d get from a standard bag as well. Couple that with the fact that the backing of the bag is user-friendly and comfortable, which when wearing I could not feel my laptop sitting on my back at all. The Lance can fit a 17-inch notebook if that’s your kind of thing, but I leave my 17-Inch at home. The back itself though I did try with the 17-Inch Pro Model, and although it added significant weight, the bag itself managed to distribute the weight evenly.

As far as comfort is concerned, I walked around the airport, as well as to and from my destination and it felt wonderful. ECBC included a sternum strap to the bag which I never use on any bag, but if you are looking for extra comfort, it’s there for you. My future father in law is a biker and saw the benefit of it being not only comfortable for him, but adjustable so he could lower or raise it to fit him. As far as the padding for your back, I did not have any sweat stains on the back of my shirts, and the arm straps didn’t leave me any annoying sweat stains either.


One added bonus that ECBC did include for me that is not included in the package deal for the bag was a beautiful 4500Ah battery pack that was not only think nd lightweight, but charged my phone when I needed it. I’ll be keeping this in the bag as it’s lighter than my 20,000mAh external pack.

All-in-All, the Lance Daypack by ECBC is the best backpack that I’ve ever used. I’m not a student, but if you are you would want this bag simply because it’s just sleek. If you have to lug around books, you won’t struggle having a sagging bottom to your bag as the bottom of the Lance is very sturdy. There are plenty of bags on the market that honestly do the same things, but not with as style which to me, makes it a clear-cut winner. With an included warranty, and well-known customer service that are very prompt, this is hands-down my go-to bag when I am not using my tradition messenger bag for work. For only $149, you can have one as well.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I like: I’ll never have to take my bag out at the airport anymore

What Needs Improvement: I personally would like a sleeve for airport luggage handles

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