The Best Feature of My Original Pebble

We’ve hit a point in technology where everything needs to be charged. When I go to bed I do a rundown of my needs — phone plugged in, iPad plugged in, Kindle Fire (son’s “games and videos tablet”) plugged in, etc. Heck, I even have a hat that needs to be charged sometimes! The madness never ends, and the other night I forgot to charge my Pebble when it was down to 20%.

Pebble Watch - Color Series Matte Black 4

When I woke up, snoozing my alarm repeatedly had drained the battery further and it was now down to 10%. I had a run planned, and my only hope for the Pebble was that it would stay on long enough to use Endomondo on the Pebble to see my run stats on the go. To my surprise, it lasted with only one low battery warning, so I decided to experiment. I threw it on the charger for 10 minutes while I showered, and then went about my day. On that meager charge and with only 10% left, the Pebble made it all day without a hiccup. I’ve become so trained by the idea that a low battery warning meant imminent shutdown that it never occurred to me a device like the Pebble could make it a full 12 hours post-battery warning and still go strong.

There’s something comforting about having a device as powerful as the Pebble and not being tethered to a daily charge!

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